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RFID handheld lezers
PA720 (NFC/HF)
4.7" Nieuwe generatie robuuste Terminal

The PA720 rugged handheld computer revolutionize the way you do business. Compact design but powerful - The Unitech PA720 enterprise digital assistant brings performance, durability and speed into a distinctive device. Powered by the latest Android 5.1 operation system (soonavailable to upgrade to 6.0 ) and a 64-bits quad-core processor. In addition, the PA720 has a 4G LTE wireless communication technology and integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner that is aggressive and accurate. It is a versatile data collection tool for every need in the enterprise solutions.   Rugged, sleek and stylish Built with a 4.7” color multi-touch display, supporting water rejection and wet finger tracking, stylish rounded edges design and weight of less than 287g (with battery), this PA720 is portable to take around anywhere you go. Engineered with industrial grade materials and enhanced with a Gorilla Glass 3 screen (7H hardness) to keep it scratch free, the PA720 is rugged enough to drop from 1.5 meters onto concrete. This device is able to survive in harsh environments with its IP65 waterproof and dust-proof rating.       High productivity and superior performance The PA720 runs on Android 5.1 (and optional 6.0 upgrade) operating system. This allows users to develop in an open source platform with thousands of enterprise grade applications. In addition, the PA720 includes an integrated an advanced 64-bit quad-core CPU (1.3GHz) and plenty of RAM and power for your business applications. This device is also equipped with a powerful Cryogenics Circuit Design battery that provides 3x longer operating time when used below -20°C, an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera, 5 megapixel front-facing camera and superior 1D and 2D barcode reader.   Blazing-fast 4G LTE network Designed to be used in the work environment, PA720 offers blazing-fast 4G LTE network, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, which enables users to download files from the internet up to 10 times faster than with 3G. Moreover, it also supports GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4.1.   User-Friendly Functionality The PA720 is constructed for field service workers and business-critical applications. In order to be user-friendly, this device not only built in an easy hot-swap battery design that allows users to change batteries without having to power off the devices, but also is equipped with a zero shutter lag time function that improves the lag between clicking the camera and barcode scanning to speed up the picture taking process. Furthermore, the PA720 is implemented with physical function buttons and is supported by versatile MDM (mobile device management) systems such as SOTI, 12Manage and MoboLink which offers a more efficient experience and maximize the productivity in the enterprise.   Target Markets / Applications Retail   • Total Store Management   • Real-Time Price and Stock Check   • Mobile Payment Processing Small / Medium Business (SMB)   • Work Flow Management   • Inventory Management   • Asset Tracking Hospitality   • Asset Management   • Expediting Valet Services   • Loyalty / Guest Card Mobile Ticketing   • Event Ticket Entrance   • Mobile Check-In   • Data Collection Features • Unparalleled performance with 64-bit quad-core processor (1.3GHz) • 4.7” HR display supporting water rejection and wet finger tracking • Integrated superior 1D/2D barcode imager • Great ergonomic scanning comfort;15° downwards scanner angle • Advanced battery Cryogenics Circuit Design; provides 3x longer operating time when used below -20°C (compared to a traditional design battery). • Easy Hot-swap battery design without downtime • Support blazing-fast 4G/LTE and 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz wireless communication • Wide range of professional accessories • Zero shutter lag time: Speed up the picture taking process​ • Device supported versatile MDM systems: SOTI,12Manage and MoboLink 

EA600 (NFC/HF)
5" Competitive All-in-one Android package

The Unitech EA600 (Android) is a rugged 5” mobile enterprise computer combining strong features with powerful data collection. The EA600 provides convenient connectivity, reading capabilities and enhances the service level for a variety of vertical applications within the retail, transport, logistics and field service sectors.   Competitive all-in-one package. The EA600 (2D/3G/Dual-band WiFi) comes standard with cradle (cradle includes a battery charging slot) and power supply! Powerful data collection Equipped with an 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor and running on the Android 5.1 operating system, make this device suitable for data-intensive applications in highly mobile environments. Mobile workers can easily accelerate their workflow as this device is equipped with a 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM and supporting an additional microSD expansion (up to 32GB storage capacity). All-in-one Functionality The EA600 offers an integrated 2D scanning capability, as well as an integrated HF/NFC RFID reader/writer, GPS and a high resolution 8.0 MP camera. Holding a 4000 mAh removable battery the EA600 provides continuous usage time without needing to worry about running out of juice. This device offers everything you’ll need. By supporting a PSAM slot, the EA600 meets the requirements of financial institutions and government agencies. Enjoy the fastest data speeds out there with the integrated Bluetooth 4.0, Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi and 3G LTE connectivity. This device is truly an excellent mobility device and offers improvement of job efficiency at a competitive price! Rugged design Capable to withstand a multiple 1.5m drops to concrete and IP65 rated against water and dust, makes this EA600 a rugged device. Equipped with a POGO PIN (for quick and non-intrusive charging) it will prolong its life span and durability.   Industrial grade & sensitivity design. This all-in-one solution package empowers your mobile workforce - where realtime data collection is critical. Main features • All-in-one box; EA600 comes with USB cradle and power supply. • All-in-one function: 2D Imager, HF/NFC and 8MP Camera. • Industrial grade: 1.2GHz Quad-Core processor with Android 5.1 OS • Suitable for any mobile worker: 3G, Dual-Band 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFI, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 HS slow energy.  • Enhanced security by preventing 3rd party data collection (without GMS).; • Rechargeable and swappable 4000mAh battery. • 5” HD display. Ultra sensitive capacitive touch screen (compatible with gloves and supports wet resistance). • Rugged: Gorilla Glass 3, IP65 rated and 1.5m drop specification. • Dual Scanning Buttons (left and right side) and programmable key. • Device supported versatile: SOTI, 12Manage and MoboLink • Optional additional UnitCare 2.0 coverage available.

Wireless UHF/RFID Pocket Reader (coming soon)

The Unitech RP901 is a compact, light-weight and pocket-sized UHF RFID reader. It is designed and engineered specifically to suit the UHF reading market and application requirements of mobile workers.   Pair the RP901 with your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device via the Bluetooth connection and easily extend your mobile data collection with this UHF RFID reader. RFID technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification technology that has been used in many industries for decades as it allows users to identify objects easily via wireless communications. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. RFID is one method for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). Unlike a barcode, the RFID tag does not require to be within the line of sight of the reader, to capture its information as it can be read as long as they are within its range of reading. RFID tags are used in many industries with a wide variety of applications, such as retail point of sales and in-store item-level tagging, asset tracking in inventory management, item tracking through warehouse as well as multiple applications in healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical business. The RP901 is the ideal solution for streamlining productivity and delivering mobile workers RFID reading capability at compact form factor. Compact and easy to use With dimension of 109.3mm length, 51.1mm width and 28.1mm thickness at weight of less than 106g this RP901 is comfortable an compact in size, making this device a great companion to carry around. The RP901 requires no training to operate. It allows reading and transmission of RFID tag data to the mobile device easily with its singly-button reading design. Featuring a built-in Multicolour status LEDs, it shows the feedback on communication status like battery level and RFID collection status. In addition, the RP901 features a memory storage capacity of 2MB, making data loss extremely unlikely, even when it is out of range of the wireless signal. With a simple setting you can upload the data to the back-end system to complete your task without interruption. Wireless communications The RP901 supports single- / multiple-tag reader mode and it is integrated with a high performance compact antenna design. This device reads major RFID tags including EPC Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO18000-6C) standards and is available in multiple frequency bands for different countries (EU 868 MHz, US 915 or MHz, JP 920MHz). Equipped with a high capacity and rechargeable Li-Ion battery, this device offers users the needed scanning performance during a full day´s work on a single charge. Features User-friendly operation with a pocket-sized enclosure Pairs with iOS, Android and Windows devices via Bluetooth 2.1 Support multi-protocol ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2  Available in multiple frequency bands (EU, US or JP) Ideal for proximity distance reading; reads up to 1m Enterprise durability: 1.2M drop protection and IP42 sealing High capacity rechargeable Lithium battery Capable of over 10.000 scans on a single battery charge*

PA692 - UHF reader
Industrial UHF RFID

PA692 UFH/RFID Rugged, fast & productive   As one of major AIDC manufacturer, Unitech has integrating various RFID technologies into its portfolio. The new PA692 Microsoft ® Windows Embedded Handheld model is an integrated UHF/RFID reader and writer. Like the PA692 series the PA692 UHF model is a rugged industrial PDA.The ideal solution for short range UHF applications like parking control, asset management, animal tracking, replenishment, shipping & receiving, etc. It is the first choice for mobile workers who want to carry a lightweight and compact mobile computer.   Main features - Short range UHF reading distance (up to 80 cm. depending on environment) - Integrated antenna design (no swinging or shield antenna) - Supports EPC Gen2 - Rugged design: IP65 sealing and 1.5m drop specification - Advanced wireless connections: Optimized roaming performance - Ergonomic design and a variety of accessories available to create your ideal mobile workforce.     More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope    Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype

RH768 - UHF reader
Rugged Industrial PDA

While the RFID market and variety of RFID solutions keep on rising, Unitech offers you the best UHF reading/writing device possible: RH768. Optimize your business processes, increase accuracy in your information flow and transparency of operations as of today with this unique device.   Quality UHF RFID device The RH768 offers users a high reading performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and distance. Read RFID tags up to 4.2M (depending on tag and application) requiring no line-of-sight between the reader and the tag. Because barcodes and RFID tags are frequently being used side by side the RH768 features a 1D barcode reader next to a RFID reader for great user flexibility. As all Unitech devices the RH768 belongs to the category: rugged. A 1.2m drop spec and IP54 rating against moisture and dust provides the resistance which is needed in industrial surroundings like warehouses. High easy-handling level Being a well-balanced RFID reader, the RH768 offers a very high easy-handling level. The main weight of the device is ergonomically spread over the complete device, which makes it far more convenient than other RFID readers. The gun grip of the RH768 contains a second battery to secure double operation time, up to 12 hours. With the RH768 you can scan RFID tags for accurate stock control, asset management or replenishment whole day long and increase the satisfaction of your customer as well as of your employees. Regional usage Using RFID technology you can track and trace your goods within the supply chain easily, even if this process concerns various countries. The RH768 supports EU band (865~868MHz) according local laws and regulations regarding the use of RFID. Next to Ultra High Frequency RFID all latest communication technologies are integrated in the RH768, like: 802.11 b/g (CCX4), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 3,5G and GPS. Get in control of your business processes and costs! Main features: Well-balanced design for easy handling the whole day Second main battery in gun grip Supports EU band - frequencies 865~868MHz Contains both UHF RFID reader/writer and 1D barcode scanner All latest communication technology: BT, Wi-Fi, UMTS, 3.5G Tag support: EPCgobal® C1G2 (ISO1800-6C) 1.2M drop spec & IP54 environmental sealing   More info or special questions/requests? > Contact us by e-mail  Follow @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Territory Manager contact me!   > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292  

PA692 (NFC/HF)
Rugged Handheld Computer

PA692 series Rugged, fast & productive   Unitech’s PA692 series is a rugged mobile computer combining the latest 3.75G wireless communication and advanced performance to provide the best data communications in today’s aggressive business environment. The PA692 offers a host of data collection options and a comprehensive wireless communication platform, all in a compact, durable and ergonomic form factor.   The PA692 just offers everything mobile workers need to facilitate their daily job. Windows Embedded Compact, Embedded Handeld Pro and Classic models available. Fast and durable Equipped with an industrial grade 1GHz processor and optional (Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional or Classic) operating system, makes the PA692 suitable for data-intensive applications in highly mobile environments. CE.NET/Windows® Embedded Compact mobile workers can easily accelerate their workflow with the Unitech PA692CE model. Benefit with extended features without the need to rewrite your applications. Full connectivity The PA692 provides multiple wireless communications that includes an integrated GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.75G connectivity. The PA692’s external antenna for WWAN and WLAN ensures excellent wireless connectivity and performance. Mobile workers can easily access information and accelerate their workflow while they’re on the go. All-in-one Functionality PA692 offers an integrated 1D / 2D scanning capability, as well as a HF/NFC or UHF RFID reader/writer and GPS, combining multiple functions in one compact size. The PA692 provides convenient short-range reading capabilities for a variety of vertical applications such as asset management, ticketing, person identification and retail inventory management. Accessories and options The PA692 offers everything you’ll need to make the PA692 the ideal rugged handheld solution for your mobile workforce. The PA692 comes in various model and with a variety of accessories like communication and charging cradles, extended batteries, car kits, headsets and more.   Choose your technology 1D laser, 2D imager, HF/NFC or UHF RFID*   Main features - Powerful and fast performance   Industrial grade 1GHz processor - Choose your preferred OS Windows: CE6, Embedded Handheld 6.5 Professional of Classic - Designed for toughest environments    IP65 sealing and 1.5m drop specification - Suitable for any mobile worker*   GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.75G connectivity - Various data reading options*   1D laser, 2D imager, HF/NFC/UHF RFID   More info or special questions/requests? > Contact Unitech Europe by e-mail Twitter @UnitechEu > Have a Unitech Europe Territory Manager contact me! Facebook @UnitechEurope > Call Unitech Europe: T. 0031 (0)13 460 9292 Youtube @UnitechEurope   *The available options vary according to OS type. Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype Bellen SMS verzenden Toevoegen aan Skype U hebt Skypetegoed nodigGratis via Skype