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  • Q: What is Multi Layered Isolation?
  • There are many applications that need to be able to receive the information through different antennas, especially in the RFID ÿeld, such as RTLS, Library, Asset Tracking, and Multi-lanes access application ...etc.Sometimes we may encounter this kind of situation that the design of the device can not resist the mutual interference from other antenna. Moreover, each antenna cannot distinguish whether the information is received successfully. Those will cause system failed in data processing. Therefore, the high isolation between each antenna is essential......Download for more information
  • Q: NFC Pairing
  • Using the inquiry or discovery procedure from Bluetooth BR/EDR or LE devices is the typical way to search for a Bluetooth enabled device. We all know that it takes time to wait for the pairing process. NFC can simplify the discovery process by eliminating the inquiry or discovery procedure by provid-ing the Bluetooth address and other optional parameters related to a specific Bluetooth enabled device. This removes the need for the user to select the appropriate device from a (potentially long) list. The result is a more seamless wireless user experience........ Download for more information
  • Q: unitech’s ESD-Safe Scanner
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD ) damage affects more than just the loss of devices. It affects production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality and reliability, customer relation-ships, and ultimately, profitability.unitech’s ESD-safe scanner can prevent ESD damage to your product when you need to scan barcode in your ESD Protected Areas (EPA).----Download for more information
  • Q: Presentation Mode
  • Compare to the retail and logistic market application, the warehouse workers need more sparing hands to implement their jobs by using data collecting devices. Generally observed, there are more and more warehouse and logistics industries tend to use 2D barcode scanners for their application nowadays.......Download for more information
  • Q: What is 'Shake Mode' ?
  • Compare to the retail and logistic market application, the warehouse workers need more sparing hands to implement their jobs by using data collecting devices. Generally observed, the majority of warehouse and logistics industries are still using 1D barcodes scanning for their application.  In order to solve the needs of the warehousing workers and easy to carry the inventory of goods with both hands, unitech has developed the so-called “Shake mode” in all Android mobile devices for barcode scanning sectors......Download for more information
  • Q: About Antimicrobial Materials
  • Have you realized that each time you go to a hospital, the strong smell of bleach seems to linger everywhere? We all understand the importance of disinfection in our daily life.  Each year, approximately 1.7 million people acquire an infection during a hospital visit in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in the US alone, these infections are the cause of 99,000 deaths.......Download for more information
  • Q: Quality systems
  • unitech believes quality begins with design.  During the design phase, unitech's quality assurance team works closely with R&D engineers to ensure compliance with the product quality test Procedure..............More information
  • Q: Quick-Drying Design
  • Any product featured with water-resistant is always the good idea for users, especially for the engineers. Spilling any liquid on electronic devices accidently might cause the short circuit, not to mention the charging area. With quick drying design, we can protect the cradle from the damage by any liquid.It is the best solution for users to enhance their work efficiency.....Download for more information
  • Q: Forklift Vibrations
  • Why Consumer Tablets and Purpose Built Forklift Mounted Rugged Tablets Are Not Interchangeable ? ......Download for more information 
  • Q: What is Hotswap?
  • It sometimes takes much time when your electronic device needs to replace the battery. Not to mention the waiting time to turn on device and then to restart the applications all over again. This is a serious problem because time is money, users may not have time to waste, especially when their task is time-based or urgent. Therefore, how to reduce the restarting time and not to stop in the middle of the work that is an important thing. unitech is here to help you with this........Download for more information
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