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  • Q: What is LEGO Design?
  • When one of devices of 4-slot cradle is malfunction, but other devices are functional. The whole 4-slot cradle needs to send back for repair. This somehow will create the repair cost for client. Therefore how to only repair the malfunction part of the 4-slot cradle in order to reduce the repair cost. unitech is here to introduce you LEGO design......Download for more information
  • Q: Virtual SD card
  • Due to the changing applications in the marketplace, there is an increasing demand for using APPs by a wide range of enterprises, and all these APPs have their own data to be stored when they are used. Such as inventory information, positioning information or user information and other informa-tion are very important. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the integrity of this data when the system is reset or replaced. Feasible way is to store important information in the system or the cloud in order to maintain the integrity of the data.......Download for more information 
  • Q: Data Validation of Lookup Table
  • Lookup table of MS916/MS926:
    his function is to prevent users from entering wrong data by inputting particular barcode to restrict scan results; MS916 lookup table function will only scan desired barcodes which users set up to narrow down the data and make it more accurately.......Download for more information 
  • Q: Disinfecting and Cleaning MCA Models
  • Whether you are using unitech MCA models in healthcare environments and need to disinfect after every patient or in a factory warehouse where the device is routinely exposed to dust, dirt or grease, your device will need regular cleaning. This document details how you can safely clean your Unitech MCA models daily, as well as the monthly maintenance routine that will help keep your devices up and running...................Download for more information
  • Q: unitech’s P Wireless Technology
  • Have you ever observed that most wireless mice come with a USB receiver?  As the picture below,  wireless mice manufacturers often use point-to-point 2.4GHz technology instead of Bluetooth because it:
    1. Simpliÿes the pairing process
    2. Consumes less power...................................Download for more information

  • Q: What is Global shutter?
  • When using a handheld barcode scanner, the successful scanning rate is determined by the speed and the accuracy of your hand movement, and especially under the environmental condition which cannot be avoided any hand or barcode jitters. The barcode image capture affects the barcode decoding efficiency and also affects the barcode recognition during the image process.Therefore, the barcode image distortion is the main cause of the reading failure.. ......Download for more information
  • Q: What is Cryogenics Circuit ?
  • Have you ever had a situation when the working time of your electronic devices become shortened rapidly under extreme low temperature? Can you imagine that electronic devices show low battery power in cryogenics circumstance, freezing temperature and also shorten the runtime of electronics? As a rule, electronic devices can be operated with battery as 4 to 6 hours in a normal environment, but why do they shut down immediately at -20 degree centigrade?......Download for more information

  • Q: How do I check what Access Point I'm currently connected to?
  • 1) Double tap the network icon on the tool bar (for network connection)
    2) The wireless properties will come up and you'll see a button for "LOG"
    3) Click "LOG" and a list will pop up. At the bottom will show you what AP your device is currently connected to or what your wireless card is currently doing.

  • Q: How do I setup my Wireless Connection?
  • (a) Insert Card while device is on
    (b) Wireless setting should pop up automatically
    (c) Otherwise Cisco Settings availableunder WindowsACU.exe
    (d) All other cards settings under Start, Settings a Control Panel, Wireless Settings

  • Q: Will it support Remote Desktop Client?
  • Windows CE 5.0 Core does not support Remote Desktop connection. It will support thin clients, such as Naurtech and PowerNet.

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