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  • Q: Why is an industrial PDA bigger than a commercially available PDA?
  • The design of a commercially available PDA is mainly targeted for personal organization or multimedia entertainment. This means light weight, small size and a fancy look are the major concerns. The industrial PDA is mainly designed for use in the enterprise environment, and here the major concerns are rigidity, durability, dust and water resistance, long battery life, simple data input, etc. To meet these special requirements, the industrial PDA typically needs more space to accommodate this protection and is bigger.

    Recently, as a result of ongoing progress and innovation in R&D and manufacturing capability, the dimensions of the industrial PDA have become smaller. Unitech leads way in the development of the lightest and most compact PA500 and PA600 industrial PDAs. They are small and light (<300g) and fully equipped for all industrial purposes. They are the best choice for enterprises moving into mobilized business operations.


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