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Customer Profile

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is the largest movie theater chain in the world, and an industry leader in the American movie theater market.

They employ over 34,000 people and operate over 8,200 screens in the US and 2,200 in Europe. AMC has become many

people's first choice when it comes to seeing the latest Hollywood releases, and for good reason!


The Challenge

AMC's signature MacGuffins Bar & Lounge is a popular fixture in many of their theater lobbies nationwide.

Customers can enjoy appetizers and alcoholic beverages before and during their movie, improving their moviegoing experience.

This new venture was an immediate success, but AMC employees reported that it was difficult to accurately

verify customer ages. Manually calculating age based on customer IDs took time and left room for error, especially during

a busy weekend movie night. AMC was looking for a solution, and Unitech's rugged mobile computers were the right fit.


The Solution

AMC's solution came to them after an executive visited ID Scan's booth at ISC West, a security industry

event in Las Vegas. ID Scan's verification was bundled with Unitech's PA720 Mobile Computer, giving AMC a complete solution.


To customize the device for their needs, an app was developed specifically for AMC. This app allowed employees to scan a driver's

license or ID, which would cause a green check mark to appear if a patron was 21 or over or a red “X” if they were underage.

ID Scan is a service provider that offers both hardware and software to enable bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and service industries

to quickly verify a patron’s age. This cuts down on time and avoids unneeded fines to the company.


ID Scan combined their custom age verification program with Unitech’s PA720 mobile computer to easily scan ID cards at the touch of a button.

It runs on the Android 6.0 OS and features a 12-hour hot swap battery and a powerful Qualcomm Quad-Core processor.

With an IP65 environmental seal against dirt, dust, and water and built with a pogo pin connector, the PA720 can survive a

spilled drink with no problem. A 4.7-inch Gorilla Glass display screen provides plenty of screen real estate, and

a push-to-talk button connects you to your team in a heartbeat.


With Unitech devices, AMC can serve drinks with fewer delays and fewer errors, increasing profit and reducing the risk of fines.

See Unitech's successor to the PA720 here: PA730 Rugged Handheld Computer


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