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Admit One


Customer Profile

Event ticketer Admit One specializes in providing complete event planning solutions, supplying necessities like wristbands, lanyards, and drink tickets, as well as equipment rental of barcode scanners and mobile computers.


The Challenge

Prior to working with Unitech, Admit One's customers used paper lists to keep track of ticket holders, slowing accounting and causing errors.


The Solution

Unitech worked closely with Admit One to determine what devices would provide the best performance for their needs. Admit One initially worked with a Unitech legacy device and were so pleased with the performance that they continued to update as needed, using the PA96X, PA960, PA963, PA962, PA966, and PA700. Admit One now bundles their event planning accessories with Unitech mobile computers to provide their clients with convenient, easy to use solutions.


Admit One were very satisfied with the performance of their new Unitech devices as well as the ease of doing business with Unitech, our close proximity to their headquarters, and our speedy and friendly customer service.


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