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BMI Systems Group


Customer Profile

BMI Systems Group offers fully integrated asset tracking software for public entities like school districts and city or

county offices, as well as large and small businesses. The solutions that BMI provides include software, supplies, and

procedures for automated data management and collection.


The Challenge

Unitech devices are a key part of BMI's solutions. Their challenge lies with integrating their solutions into businesses that use

consumer-grade spreadsheets to track their assets, as opposed to dedicated software and hardware.


The Solution

BMI's software comes bundled with Unitech mobile computers, giving customers a simpler way to accurately capture data and record assets.

BMI software is optimized for Unitech devices, eliminating the hassles and mistakes often caused by using clunky, un-optimized software.


BMI has included a number of Unitech devices in their full solution bundles, including the PA692, PA950, and PA600-II.



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