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The Boeing Company


Customer Profile

The name "Boeing" is synonymous with airplanes and flight in general, so much so that even those without much aviation knowledge

know that most commercial jetliners are Boeing planes. Their planes have set industry standards for years due to their consistently high quality.


The Challenge

When a Boeing employee needs to order a part, they first need to find it in the company manual. That manual contains multiple pages of

barcodes representing individual parts. Before working with Unitech, Boeing employees used gun grip scanners to read

those barcodes but encountered frequent errors due to how close together the barcodes were printed.


The Solution

Boeing came to Unitech with their challenge, and were recommended a few options and demo units for Boeing to try before committing.


One of these demo units was Unitech's MS100 Pen Scanner, a high-performance device that connects to a data collection device with

a standard USB cord. This device features a pen-style form factor that allows users to swipe it directly across the

barcode to be scanned, leading to more accurate scans and less fatigue due to its lighter weight.


The MS100 can read all 1D linear barcodes and has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use for extended periods of time.

Its swipe-to-scan functionality gives it the ability to scan wider barcodes more accurately than standard point and shoot scanners.


Boeing ordered over 10,000 MS100 Pen Scanners and distributed them to their repair divisions nationwide. They cited the easy to

use nature and budget-friendly price point of the MS100 as some of the biggest reasons behind their choice. The airplane manufacturing

giant found Unitech easy to work with and appreciated our comprehensive warranty and helpful live support team.



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