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Elections Canada


Customer Profile

Elections Canada, AKA the Office to the Chief Electoral Officer, is an independent and non-partisan agency that ensures

Canadians can exercise their right to vote. Elections Canada is responsible for general federal elections, monitoring compliance with

electoral legislation, and administering the political financing provisions of the Canada Elections act.


The Challenge

Before working with Unitech, Elections Canada recorded votes manually, a time consuming and error-prone process.


The Solution

In their search for a better way to conduct elections, Elections Canada contacted Compucon, an e-tailer and IT solutions provider.

Compucon referred them to Synnex Canada, a large electronics distributor. Elections Canada were looking for a low-cost,

efficient scanner, and Synnex recommended to them the Unitech AS10 scanner. After trying out a test unit, Elections Canada

purchased 18,000 units of the lightweight, durable scanner.


Another huge plus was Unitech’s unmatched Canada and US-based service, support, and warranty.

If a device were to malfunction and need repair, Elections Canada can send it to a local warehouse for servicing.

This, along with budget-friendly price, convinced the non-profit to chose Unitech over other competitors.



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