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HT Hackney


Customer Profile

HT Hackney have been experts in convenience store food delivery for over a century.

The wholesale goods supplier and trucking service caters to 22 states and employs over 3,400 people.

They provide specialized service from order entry to delivery with an unmatched attention to customers,

making them one of the best in their industry.


The Challenge

HT Hackney was using dated hardware with analog screens and wired connections that required

dial-up to get online. They wanted a wireless solution with fast Internet connection so convenience

store workers could send orders quickly and reliably.


The Solution

HT Hackney contacted their distributor, who mentioned Unitech as an

affordable and reliable solution for mobile computers. They tested some units and

decided on the PA600 – a handheld device that supported their software and could be used

anywhere in a store for quick fulfillment orders. They’ve more recently updated their

devices to the HT682 mobile computer which runs on the popular Windows CE OS and scans 1D and 2D barcodes.

It’s environmentally sealed against the elements, weighs just 11 ounces, and features a one-year warranty

which includes service and support. HT Hackney loved the price and preferred the easy to use buttons on

Unitech's units over Zebra devices and have been happy Unitech customers since 2007.



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