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Scott Farms


Customer Profile

Scott Farms is a family owned and operated farm in Lucama, North Carolina. The Scotts have been growing crops

of sweet potatoes, tobacco, wheat, soybeans, and corn for six generations. They are experts in

agriculture, honing time-honored farming practices and embracing newer ones, making them leaders

in their industry. Recently, their reach has extended across the globe with the addition of their UK branch.


The Challenge

Scott Farms needed a mobile computer that was rugged enough to be used on

the farm but was also powerful enough for office and inventory management work.
It also needed to integrate with their current software and web-based app for tracking inventory.


The Solution

After researching other enterprise devices, Scott Farms chose Unitech’s PA720
mobile computer for its top-tier quality in materials and performance. Affordability,
a fast quad core processor, and its ability to withstand changing climates were
also key factors. The farming giant needed to scan barcodes on multiple pallets
quickly and efficiently for batch scanning and inventory management use.
Whether it was just for a few items or for hundreds of pallets,

Scott Farms found the PA720 suited their needs perfectly.


Check out our successor device to the PA720 here: PA730 Rugged Handheld Computer



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