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Spencer's Gifts/Spirit Halloween


Customer Profile

Spencer's Gifts is a North American mall retailer specializing in collectibles, clothing,
gag gifts, and more. They also operate the Spirit Halloween line of seasonal retailers
that has grown to over 1,100 locations in strip centers, malls, and free-standing
stores. They operate online 24/7 all year long.


The Challenge

Spirit Halloween stores needed a new inventory management solution that
would make it easier to receive new merchandise, check & edit prices, record damages,
transfer items to other stores, and reconcile past inventory for the new season. They
were looking for a modern development platform to facilitate software development
and a product that was more familiar and easy to use.


The Solution

Spencer's Gifts determined that the PA700V was the upgrade they were looking for.
With a slim and ergonomic design, the PA700V offered the right form factor for the
job. The smartphone-style design is easy to hold for any hand size: large, medium, or small.
The PA700V was also rugged enough to withstand the rough environment of receiving
bays, where product can be expected to fall from a truck onto concrete, be exposed to bad weather,

and get jostled around. The Android platform is easy to develop on and Unitech was ready and willing to get

Verizon certified in order to faciliate data collection via WiFi, ethernet, and cellular. The large color

touchscreen is future-proofed for potential new apps and software.


See our successor device to the PA700V here: PA730 Rugged Handheld Computer



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