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Wholesale Plywood & Lumber


Customer Profile

Wholesale Plywood has specialized in creating well-made interior hardwood products
for homes and businesses for over 30 years. Their products are manufactured in-house with their

own mill in Colorado, so they can provide quality products at fantastic wholesale prices.


The Challenge

Before working with Unitech, Wholesale Plywood's tallying process was tedious and prone to errors.

Their process required two workers at Wholesale Plywood, one who would call out the number and another to write it down.

The process took about 20 minutes per lumber bunk, and occasionally led to miscounted numbers.


The Solution

The hardwood goods supplier needed an easier way to score and tally the lumber because their

current system was time-consuming and rife with inaccuracies. After doing some research

online, they discovered Sierra Information Systems a provider of lumber inventory solutions. They offer

mobile computers with their own specialized software for counting, scoring, and recording data. Eliminating the

need to count manually with Sierra Information Systems’ complete solution appealed to Wholesale Plywood.

The tally package includes the Unitech PA692, a versatile data collection tool that runs
on the popular Windows CE 6.5 OS and weighs in at just under 14 ounces, making it light
enough to carry around in warehouses, factories, and stores. The full color touch screen makes

reading easy and its IP65 environmental seal and 5-foot drop rating translates to a tough work companion.

Kurt Kaner, Information Technologies Director for Sierra Information Systems,

explained why the company included Unitech scanners as part of their whole solution:

“We integrated Unitech devices with our software because of several reasons; they’re built well, provide dependable

battery power supply, they have ergonomic design for easy adaptation, good support, and very competitive prices.”

Wholesale Plywood reported that their new devices reduced the time to record each lumber bunk to a quarter

of the usual time. Instead of needing two people for the 20-minute manual process, one person could

complete the work in five minutes using the PA692 and DigiTally software.


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