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Mobile Device Management


One App to Securely Manage All of Your Devices

Visibility is crucial to the success of your business. Managing and updating devices can be difficult, especially when workers are on the move. In the face of constantly changing data, a system that keeps itself up-to-date is a powerful tool. MoboLink unites and keeps track of all of your devices securely so you can keep your company running full steam ahead.


What is MoboLink?

Unitech's proprietary mobile device management (MDM) software connects all of your Unitech mobile devices securely. Using a computer, tablet, or smartphone you can add and sync compatible Unitech mobile computers easily and monitor each device's performance and activity.

This IoT solution allows you to manage each unit through one central hub. You'll never have to worry about missing units because MoboLink gives you access to connected devices and keeps tabs on all of them. Unitech devices with MoboLink software installed come bundled with our comprehensive service and support; delivering a one-stop enterprise solution.


Key Features

• Install & Upgrade Applications
• Schedule Tasks
• Enable/Disable Hardware Capabilities
• Manage MoboLink Projects/Users
• Monitor Device Health

• Cloud-based data storage
• SSL Encryption Data Communication
• Remote Lock/Unlock & Shutdown
• Manage Multiple Devices
• Events/Alerts/Tasks Logging


Ask About Our MoboLink Trial

Contact our Unitech sales team to discuss a MoboLink trial program.

Phone: 1-800-861-8648
Email: sales@ute.com

Call: 1-800-861-8648
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Email: sales@ute.com


Device Management

You can set your preferences to backup data, create projects, and send alerts using MoboLink's simple interface.

To check on the pulse on any connected device, you can monitor the following:

• Battery level
• Temperature
• Memory

• Scanner info
• Device health


Application Management

Be sure Unitech mobile devices are being used appropriately with the Data Exchange Manager. View installed and running apps on every connected device. Schedule tasks, and install and upgrade applications remotely.

• Install/uninstall/upgrade applications
• Application list retrieval
• Task scheduler


Reports and Dashboards

Access everything at a glance. MoboLink's user-friendly layout allows you to view all of your device activities, alerts, and tasks.

• Overview of AM & DM tasks
• Overview of events, alerts, and logs
• Logging for events, alerts, tasks, user, system



A lost device can slow down your workflow. Through MoboLink's SSL encrypted data communication, your data is safe and is only shared to those you specify.• SSL data encryption
• Application white list control
• Remote lock and unlock device
• Device data wipe
• Remote device restart


Group Management

Update one device, a few, or all of them. You can perform app management or device management tasks simply with the MoboLink platform.

• Manage a group of devices
• Supported tasks: application management, hardware capability management, security management
• List all group events


Hardware Capability & Firmware Management

Save time by changing and managing hardware capabilities from your MoboLink environment. You can also view and manage firmware actions for your Unitech devices.

• Hardware capabilities list
• View/enable/disable capabilities GPS, Bluetooth, WLAN-supported capabilities and more


Device Information Gathering

View information and data collected from your devices through MoboLink's easy platform.

• Hardware capability data collection
• Application inventory collection
• Event triggers


Account Management

Set notifications, manage your business's projects, add or remove devices users, and define user roles and permissions.

Account Management
• Manage projects/users/roles
• Define access permissions


Notification Management
• Events available
• Alerts available
• Notification by email


User Activity

Monitor what your team does without needing to call or visit them in person. This tool is useful for businesses with field employees or workers that are constantly on the go.


MoboLink Solutions

MoboLink is a versatile platform to keep all your Unitech devices secure and up-to-date. Whether you just need the basics or want to upgrade to our enterprise edition, MoboLink caters to your specifications to optimize your business.


  MoboLink Basic MoboLink Enterprise
Device Data Gathering
Application Management
Firmware Management
Hardware Capability Management
Account Management
Notification Management
Security Management
Group Management
Reports and Dashboards
3GB Cloud Storage
Remote Desktop
Remote Diagnostics
Configuration Management Manual Automatic
Backup Management  
Remote Assistance  
Reports for Events/Alerts/Tasks  
Customize Reports Period from 1-12 Weeks  
Support Export as Spreadsheet  

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