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2020-10-26 Product News

PA760 Rugged Touch Computer Coupled with the Powerful Gun-Grip for Both Barcode & RFID Solutions


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unitech flagship PA760 rugged touch computer is a high-end Android 10 (AER) device with a large 5.45” screen, great for displaying two applications at the same time. It delivers fast inventory control on warehouse shelves, pallets, or supply chain, manufacturing, and asset management applications.

When you pair this device with our Long Range 1D/2D Gun Grip, you will be able to scan barcodes that are not easy to reach high-up on warehousing selves; up to 10 meters away.

Just attach the PA760 on RG760 and it's ready for both barcode and UHF RFID reading solutions. The RG760 delivers the ability to read major RFID tags including EPC Class1 Gen2 V2 standards. Besides, this device is capable to read 750 tags per second and users are able to read RFID tags up to 6 meters.

With a large 6000mAh extended battery and MIMO for super-fast uploads and downloads via the Wi-Fi, your staff will have no downtime in a busy working day. The PA760 is also perfect for transport and logistics using leading 4G LTE technology and has a dual SIM card slot. The rugged PA760 has various accessories for customer needs that deliver the flexible and powerful enterprise solutions. So, no matter what your needs are within the working environment the PA760 and the gun grips has it covered.