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2022-09-02 Product News

Introducing the MS85x ESD Series


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unitech’s MS85X ESD-safe scanner is made by internal mixed way with antistatic agent to protect MS85X series to be ESD safe including its cable to be used at ESD protected area;series to be ESD safe to be used at ESD protected area including its cable.  The body of the product and its cable can withstand ESD up to 105 ~109 ohms per square and no containing Chlorine material.



• Available in 1D(Laser) or 2D version, corded or cordless versions.
•Ideal for clean room and static sensitive environments
• Wireless transmission range up to 100m in the line of open sight.
• Long lifecycle trigger design: Up to 10,000,000 times.
• Louder beeper and brighter LED indicators for easily recognizing feedbacks.

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