Meter Checking

 Durable Design for Outdoor Environment  

Field Services are generally time-consuming, but the Unitech mobile computer can help you save time. The devices are designed for field service applications, such as meter reading and facilities maintenance, which is able to help workers read/transmit date in a short time via wireless connectivity, and serve customers with the fastest updated information.

The handheld terminal is rugged and durable (IP67 rated and 1.8m drop threshold form factor) so it can be used in harsh environments. Versatile and compact for field applications, the terminal also features a large outdoor-use color LCD touch screen for improved visibility.

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Why Unitech products for Water Meter Inspection



Mobile computers provide a durable design including drop-resistant housing and  IP rating protection against water and dust. 


Sunlight readable

Better sunlight viewability and operation with wet resistance and glove


Multiple Connectivity

Support WLAN: WIFI & WWAN: 2G/3G/4G LTE for best connectivity

Practical Application on Unitech Products




Meter checking could be a demanding task when the inspectors are carrying around the paper forms outdoors to manually record the numbers shown on the machine. The common failures of meter checking include repetitive paper arrangments, incorrect number records, and inefficient manual data entry, which may bring down work productivity in an unpredictable outdoor environment.



Today’s market is seeing an increasing need for accuracy and speed checking. The improvement of speed and quality check has become the key to minimize wasted labor, materials, and equipment, and unitech products can not only solve your problems but also add value to your meter checking.


How to Adopt Features on Meter Checking

Inspectors enjoy the technology to read multiple barcodes at one scan and digitalize the numbers into the database. 1D/2D/DPM/ DOT code/barcodes are embedded in the mobile computer to quickly identify the location of the machine and oversee the status of equipment for regular maintenance. Most of our unitech products reach the high standard of IP water and dust protection, an ideal choice for outdoor meter checking on rainy days. A variety of accessories like gun grip, cradle, and hand strap then offer inspectors a comfortable working experience even in long day use.



Barcode Scanning 
multiple scans


1D/2D/DPM/ DOT code

IP Protection
against water & dust 

Optional Accessories


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