Pharmacy Information Management

Pharmacy Information System

Inventory Hospitals must keep track of thousands of items including medicine, tools, and equipment. Unitech provides several solutions to help doctors, hospitals and pharmacies better manage their inventory including mobile computers that read bar codes and RFID technology.

Medicine information checking Unitech provides handheld scanners with antimicrobial housing specifically designed for healthcare applications. Pharmacy staff can easily verify medications to ensure patient safety. Scanners come with software to easily integrate the health care solution.

Why Unitech products for Pharmacy Information System



Pharmacy staff can easily verify medications to ensure patient safety.


Easy Management

With mobility devices, users can manage inventory with ease


High Efficiency 

The barcode scanners are excellent tools to significantly improve job efficiency

Successful Applications

Hands-free data collection WD100 & MS652+

Unitech, Reditech & Febelco
Medicine picking process optimization!


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