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Transportation Data Collection

Transportation Data Collection

Unitech develops mobile computing solutions to improve accuracy and efficiency in transportation applications. Featuring a versatile data collection platform, wireless connectivity, and rugged construction, unitech mobile computers help streamline operations by enabling real-time communication between manager and drivers. 

Why Unitech products for Mobile POS and Ordering



Wireless and lightweight design, waiters can take orders in transportation applications, such as high-speed train.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

A quick order taking service enhances the overall customer experience.


Reduce Errors

Mobile computer reduces human errors with automatically system.

Practical Application on Unitech Products




SL220 iOS Sled Scanner  


A global company, in its quest to optimize logistics management, selected Unitech's innovative iOS solution. Designed to meet their need for increased efficiency, the SL220 iOS Sled Scanner, which integrates seamlessly with iOS devices into a single hardware unit, has enhanced their iPhone-based delivery system. This integration offers advanced barcode scanning capabilities and flawless compatibility with iOS platforms, leading to a significant improvement in operational effectiveness.





iOS Devices 
Contactless Payment

MFi certified
Support iOS utility & SDK

PD fast charge 

Battery Design 





Successful Applications

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency: A Technological Upgrade in A Global Company

For their logistics management, a global company chose Unitech's iOS solution, which perfectly met their need for efficient operations. This product significantly enhanced their iPhone-based delivery processes, offering efficient barcode scanning and seamless iOS integration.


Transport and logistics EA602

Unitech & Packs (Packs Special Care)
Last mile delivery - registration improvement


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