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Process Tracking

Keep Manufacturing Processes Moving As Fast As Your Business.

  • Mobile computers and barcode scanning devices can be used as a great tool in manufacturing solutions. With a single scan, it can record the items that are picked in the warehouse. The barcode scanner solution reduces manual errors from the automatic system. Users also can use an intelligent system in materials tracking and production tracking. It helps the manufacturing manager to know the overall status in a warehouse such as the materials are moved from A work station to B work station or the production status of orders instantly.

    Unitech’s array of rugged smartphones, tablets, companion scanners, and RFID products can clock in a full day’s work at precision speed.

Why Unitech products for Processes Tracking


Save Time

Quick tracking processes enhance the overall work efficiency.



The employee can track asset with mobility 


Reduce Errors

Mobile computer reduces human errors with automatically system.

Successful Applications

Chipbond Technology ESD Scanning Solutions with Unitech Devices

In recent years, owing to the reduction of human resources, increase in operating expense, and rising of other related issues, reducing personnel costs and minimizing perating time has become the future trend of enterprises’ development. Working in a high static environment can cause invisible damage to the machines. How to ensure overall safety equipment and improve operational efficiency are two main purposes of the project.


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