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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Integrity, excellence, cooperation, and sharing are Unitech’s core values in management. Based on these values, the company and colleagues aspire to not only meet the basic requirement of laws and regulations, but also create values and demonstrate excellent quality and exceptional culture in each professional field, business development, regulatory compliance, personal conduct, social responsibility, etc.

In other words, we strive to work with colleagues, clients/suppliers, shareholders, and fellow companies to manage with integrity, pursue excellence, achieve great success through cooperation, and share the achievements together, hoping to achieve sustainable development that also benefits the society.



Our company’s corporate social responsibility policy is as follows:

  • Manage with prudence and integrity: Comply with laws and regulations and implement corporate governance. All related tasks must comply with the standards established by the company. Manage with integrity and ultimately create profits for shareholders.
  • Create value for clients: Provide high quality products and excellent service with our expertise and ongoing enhancement. Help clients increase management efficiency, enhance service quality, and lower costs to win clients’ praises and satisfaction.
  • Create win-win partnerships: Maintain long-term cooperation with colleagues, suppliers, and clients for mutual benefit and create win-win partnerships.
  • Ensure labor rights: Create fair, open, and mutually respectful environment that allows colleagues to fully utilize expertise. Comply with related labor laws and regulations. Employ no child labors and pursue equal employment regardless of gender or race. No discrimination and inhuman treatment. Protect rights of colleagues. All wages and benefits are in compliance with local and national laws and regulations.
  • Value work environment and safety: Value safety and hygiene. Maintain a safe and comfortable work environment for the physical and psychological wellness of colleagues. Prevent accident, occupational injury, and sickness through training and education.
  • Sustainable environment and resources: Encourage energy conservation and waste reduction. Increase resource utilization efficiency. Lower company’s resource consumption and harmfulness to society and environment. Comply with related environmental laws and regulations.
  • Participate in social welfare: Encourage participation in social welfare, charity, and care for underprivileged groups. Utilize the power of local management to give back to communities and contribute to society. Transform company existence to positive force of society.
  • Valuing Information Security: Prioritize information security by implementing and continuously strengthening information security policy which based on confidentiality, integrity, and availability, guiding our colleagues to protect our company, clients, and partners. Adhere to operational requirements, laws, and regulations, and regularly review and communicate our information security policies. Key areas of focus include policies, organization, human resources, asset management, access control, cryptography, physical and environmental security, operations, communication, system development and maintenance, supplier relationships, incident management, business continuity, and compliance.