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  • Is the .NET be supported in TB160?

    Enterprise Tablets

    No,Windows 10 IOT LTSB doesn't support .NET .

  • How can we configure the scanner on TB160 ?

    Enterprise Tablets

    Here is the link of the software to configure the scanner on TB160.
    Scan engines>ED40

  • Can the buttons be adjusted?

    Enterprise Tablets

    It is possible by the software "DashOn".
    The "DashOn" only can set the four keys[Fn,F1,F2,Barcode] in the left and right side. 

  • Handheld Computer Silicone-Rubber Keypad

    Handheld Terminals
    • Many unitech handheld users are the field workers for stocktaking and logistics applications. Their main job to operate the handheld computer is to press keypads, input and count inventory numbers or text information......Download for more information
  • Software Commands

    Pocket Readers

    Due to the changing applications in the marketplace, some application scenarios require remote commands to control the reader without pressing the physical trigger button to drive the reader. For example, the user's application has an operation interface for the user to operate, or the reader is fixed somewhere and users need to remotely operate the reader. Therefore, it is important to provide a mechanism that allows the user to easily perform reader operations directly on the application.......Download for more information

  • Wearable Ring Scanner

    Wearable Scanners
    • In recent years, wearable devices have provided warehouse staff with operational improvement, increased flexibility and significant cost savings. Wearable devices are compact and lightweight computers and/or scanners that can be worn directly on the body of warehouse staff. Like other wearable technology, ring scanners have a measurable effect on the productivity of your workforce. Without adding staff, organizations were able to increase productivity by 15% and reduce errors by 39%—and that is in comparison to voice-only solutions, which are proven to improve inventory accuracy compared to pen-and-paper systems........Download for more information 
  • Multi Decode Scan

    AI Touch Computers
    • In unitech’s experiences, customers always wish their workers needing to capture multiple barcodes on items. Traditionally, with a barcode scanner or PDA might scan barcodes each one at a time. That repetitive scans waste time and not efficient at all. Unitech hears the voice of customers, creating a feature that can increase the productivity, to let the scan barcode jobs become more efficient, speedy and more easy. With a single press of a scan button, unitech “Multi-decode scan” enable the simultaneous capture of all or specific barcodes on a single label — no more time wasted on repeti-tive scans. Flexible mix-and-match criteria enable the easy selection of the right barcodes......Download for more information 
  • ActiveSync supporting on Window 10

    In Windows 10, Microsoft no longer officially supports WMDC for active sync feature on Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. We provide a workaround we tested update-to-date for users experiencing this problem on Microsoft Windows 10. This workaround for WMDC installation should be applicable to unitech devices like PA692, HT682, PA820, PA520, and etc.......Download for more information 

  • MoboLink

    Mobile Applications
    • In the development of an application system, the developers often need to develop different communication software on back-end system to access different devices during different projects. It costs a lot of development time to customize its back-end system to different devices. However, if a standard software interface can be used to carry out the background system development, it can significantly reduce the development cost. So how to build this standard software interface in different device sides, it becomes very important......Download for more information 
  • Clean housing of MCA Products

    AI Touch Computers
    • For medical institutions, unitech provides customers the MCA product series including PA600MCA, PA690MCA, PA520MCA, PA700MCA, PA720MCA and the latest PA726MCA made by antimicrobial material. How to clean unitech MCA products is the top priority for medical professionals.....Download for more information 
  • What is data validation of 1:1 & 1:N Checking?

    Pocket Scanners
    • We are human beings and cannot be expected to do everything like a machine and have precisely results each time. A simple distraction can lead to a mistake of their work. Through “1:1 & 1:N” data checking function, you will see how unitech helps our customers to avoid those careless mistakes on his/her daily job as well as to make the work more efficiency.....Download for more information
  • DPM

    2D Imager Scanners
    • DPM Technology ( Direct Part Marking) is a process that allows users to imprint a bar code directly on an item instead of printing the code on a paper label. Di˜erent technologies are available to directly mark objects such as laser marking, chemical etching, dot peen marking and ink jet printing. One of the advantages of this technology is that the code is permanently marked on a surface and will survive for a long time (ideally forever), regardless of the part being passed by any stress,  the code still main-tains well during its’ life cycle.......Download for more information
  • What is Hardware Information ?

    • Let’s try to think about the situation here that one customer uses PA692 with 1D Laser Engine, WiFi, camera, and the other one uses PA692 with 2D Imager Engine, 3.5G, without camera. The engineers have to update the new firmware version for each product. But how to make this process become faster and precisely?unitech develops HWI (Hardware Information) to provide all the hardware information in one and to speed up the firmware detection such as what kind of the driver to use for each module........Download for more information
  • What is Multi Layered Isolation?

    Fixed Readers
    • There are many applications that need to be able to receive the information through different antennas, especially in the RFID ÿeld, such as RTLS, Library, Asset Tracking, and Multi-lanes access application ...etc.Sometimes we may encounter this kind of situation that the design of the device can not resist the mutual interference from other antenna. Moreover, each antenna cannot distinguish whether the information is received successfully. Those will cause system failed in data processing. Therefore, the high isolation between each antenna is essential......Download for more information
  • NFC Pairing

    Pocket Scanners
    • Using the inquiry or discovery procedure from Bluetooth BR/EDR or LE devices is the typical way to search for a Bluetooth enabled device. We all know that it takes time to wait for the pairing process. NFC can simplify the discovery process by eliminating the inquiry or discovery procedure by providing the Bluetooth address and other optional parameters related to a specific Bluetooth enabled device. This removes the need for the user to select the appropriate device from a (potentially long) list. The result is a more seamless wireless user experience........ Download for more information
  • unitech’s ESD-Safe Scanner

    ESD Safe Scanners
    • Electrostatic discharge (ESD ) damage affects more than just the loss of devices. It affects production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality and reliability, customer relation-ships, and ultimately, profitability.unitech’s ESD-safe scanner can prevent ESD damage to your product when you need to scan barcode in your ESD Protected Areas (EPA).----Download for more information
  • Presentation Mode

    2D Imager Scanners
    • Compare to the retail and logistic market application, the warehouse workers need more sparing hands to implement their jobs by using data collecting devices. Generally observed, there are more and more warehouse and logistics industries tend to use 2D barcode scanners for their application nowadays.......Download for more information
  • What is 'Shake Mode' ?

    AI Touch Computers
    • Compare to the retail and logistic market application, the warehouse workers need more sparing hands to implement their jobs by using data collecting devices. Generally observed, the majority of warehouse and logistics industries are still using 1D barcodes scanning for their application.  In order to solve the needs of the warehousing workers and easy to carry the inventory of goods with both hands, unitech has developed the so-called “Shake mode” in all Android mobile devices for barcode scanning sectors......Download for more information
  • About Antimicrobial Materials

    AI Touch Computers
    • Have you realized that each time you go to a hospital, the strong smell of bleach seems to linger everywhere? We all understand the importance of disinfection in our daily life.  Each year, approximately 1.7 million people acquire an infection during a hospital visit in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in the US alone, these infections are the cause of 99,000 deaths.......Download for more information
  • Quality systems

    AI Touch Computers
    • unitech believes quality begins with design.  During the design phase, unitech's quality assurance team works closely with R&D engineers to ensure compliance with the product quality test Procedure..............More information
  • Quick-Drying Design

    AI Touch Computers
    • Any product featured with water-resistant is always the good idea for users, especially for the engineers. Spilling any liquid on electronic devices accidently might cause the short circuit, not to mention the charging area. With quick drying design, we can protect the cradle from the damage by any liquid.It is the best solution for users to enhance their work efficiency.....Download for more information
  • Forklift Vibrations

    Enterprise Tablets
  • What is Hotswap?

    AI Touch Computers
    • It sometimes takes much time when your electronic device needs to replace the battery. Not to mention the waiting time to turn on device and then to restart the applications all over again. This is a serious problem because time is money, users may not have time to waste, especially when their task is time-based or urgent. Therefore, how to reduce the restarting time and not to stop in the middle of the work that is an important thing. unitech is here to help you with this........Download for more information
  • What is LEGO Design?

    AI Touch Computers
    • When one of devices of 4-slot cradle is malfunction, but other devices are functional. The whole 4-slot cradle needs to send back for repair. This somehow will create the repair cost for client. Therefore how to only repair the malfunction part of the 4-slot cradle in order to reduce the repair cost. unitech is here to introduce you LEGO design......Download for more information
  • Virtual SD card

    AI Touch Computers
    • Due to the changing applications in the marketplace, there is an increasing demand for using APPs by a wide range of enterprises, and all these APPs have their own data to be stored when they are used. Such as inventory information, positioning information or user information and other informa-tion are very important. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the integrity of this data when the system is reset or replaced. Feasible way is to store important information in the system or the cloud in order to maintain the integrity of the data.......Download for more information 
  • Data Validation of Lookup Table

    Pocket Scanners
    • Lookup table of MS916/MS926:
      his function is to prevent users from entering wrong data by inputting particular barcode to restrict scan results; MS916 lookup table function will only scan desired barcodes which users set up to narrow down the data and make it more accurately.......Download for more information 
  • unitech’s P Wireless Technology

    Wireless Scanners

    Have you ever observed that most wireless mice come with a USB receiver?  As the picture below,  wireless mice manufacturers often use point-to-point 2.4GHz technology instead of Bluetooth because it:
    1. Simpliÿes the pairing process
    2. Consumes less power...................................Download for more information

  • Disinfecting and Cleaning MCA Models

    AI Touch Computers
    • Whether you are using unitech MCA models in healthcare environments and need to disinfect after every patient or in a factory warehouse where the device is routinely exposed to dust, dirt or grease, your device will need regular cleaning. This document details how you can safely clean your Unitech MCA models daily, as well as the monthly maintenance routine that will help keep your devices up and running...................Download for more information
  • What is Global shutter?

    AI Touch Computers
    • When using a handheld barcode scanner, the successful scanning rate is determined by the speed and the accuracy of your hand movement, and especially under the environmental condition which cannot be avoided any hand or barcode jitters. The barcode image capture affects the barcode decoding efficiency and also affects the barcode recognition during the image process.Therefore, the barcode image distortion is the main cause of the reading failure.. ......Download for more information
  • What is Cryogenics Circuit ?

    Have you ever had a situation when the working time of your electronic devices become shortened rapidly under extreme low temperature? Can you imagine that electronic devices show low battery power in cryogenics circumstance, freezing temperature and also shorten the runtime of electronics? As a rule, electronic devices can be operated with battery as 4 to 6 hours in a normal environment, but why do they shut down immediately at -20 degree centigrade?......Download for more information

  • How do I check what Access Point I'm currently connected to?

    AI Touch Computers

    1) Double tap the network icon on the tool bar (for network connection) 
    2) The wireless properties will come up and you'll see a button for "LOG" 
    3) Click "LOG" and a list will pop up. At the bottom will show you what AP your device is currently connected to or what your wireless card is currently doing.

  • How do I setup my Wireless Connection?

    Rugged Smartphones

    (a) Insert Card while device is on 
    (b) Wireless setting should pop up automatically 
    (c) Otherwise Cisco Settings availableunder WindowsACU.exe 
    (d) All other cards settings under Start, Settings a Control Panel, Wireless Settings

  • Why is an industrial PDA bigger than a commercially available PDA?

    Rugged Smartphones

    The design of a commercially available PDA is mainly targeted for personal organization or multimedia entertainment. This means light weight, small size and a fancy look are the major concerns. The industrial PDA is mainly designed for use in the enterprise environment, and here the major concerns are rigidity, durability, dust and water resistance, long battery life, simple data input, etc. To meet these special requirements, the industrial PDA typically needs more space to accommodate this protection and is bigger.

    Recently, as a result of ongoing progress and innovation in R&D and manufacturing capability, the dimensions of the industrial PDA have become smaller. Unitech leads way in the development of the lightest and most compact PA500 and PA600 industrial PDAs. They are small and light (<300g) and fully equipped for all industrial purposes. They are the best choice for enterprises moving into mobilized business operations.

  • How many data items can a barcode contain?

    2D Imager Scanners

    Although the 2-D code can be used to encode many characters, if necessary, the length can be changed to encode fewer characters. The amount of data in a variable-length barcode is limited by the number of symbols. The number of these depends on the capability of the barcode reader. 

    For example: The standard U.P.C./EAN symbol can be used to encode a 14-digit number. Many barcodes for warehouses, logistics, manufacturing and storage control require a series of numbers with similar lengths of digits, so many commonly used systems can easily encode concise symbols.

  • Which type of barcode should I use?

    2D Imager Scanners

    The wide variety of barcodes allows you to find a suitable system to meet your requirements. If you want to make sure which barcode type is the most suitable for you, the key criteria are the amount of data to be encoded, the space available to print the barcodes and the data type to be encoded.

  • What are the applications of barcodes?

    2D Imager Scanners

    Barcodes are mainly used for saving human resources. In this respect the article barcode system promoted by IANA (International Article Numbering Association) has been widely adopted by advanced enterprises in many countries. Barcodes are used by retailers on food packages, meat, household articles, agricultural products, medicines, in the chemical and electronic industries, in logistics, etc. 

    The main applications are product barcodes and distribution barcodes, such as: 

    (1) Manufacture/Supplier: For manufacturers the main objective is efficiency and competitiveness: production yield control, the management of raw materials, production process arrangement, final product storage and distribution, etc. Barcodes make each product easily traceable from manufacturing to transportation and delivery. 

    (2) In the Transportation Industry the main goals are shortening product delivery times, controlling product flow, and providing customers with information so as to keep proper control of the product receipt and delivery processes. 

    (3) Logistics and Distribution Centers use new features such as effective distribution and logistics systems, effective market development, market information, customer services, etc. 

    (4) Retailers and Hypermarkets use barcode scanners to reduce the effects of human error and improve efficiency. 

    ● Product Barcodes: In the manufacturing and sales markets, barcodes can be used in consumer units and distribution and supply units. Also, depending on the situation and system used, barcodes can either be a backup in the practical logistics and information exchange process, or they can be the only method used. 

    ● Distribution Barcodes: The main applications in distribution is the reading of identification symbols on barcodes during their shipping, loading, unloading, warehouse storage, transportation, etc.

  • How many barcode types are available now?

    AI Touch Computers

    Nowadays, there are hundreds of available barcode symbol systems. However, only a few are widely used. Each of these ‘symbologies’ has unique barcode patterns, spacing modes, and data encoding rules. There are two basic types of barcodes: 1-D and 2-D barcodes. 

    1) A 1-D barcode is a one-dimensional line-type code with the data arranged in bars with spaces between them. The U.P.C./EAN symbol system is a typical 1-D barcode. 

    2) 2-D barcodes use another dimension to encode the data. There are two main types of 2-D barcodes: Stack and matrix type symbol systems. The stack type consists of many one dimensional symbols stacked over each other. The matrix type consists of blocks or lines formed by squares and geometric patterns. In addition, there are also hybrid type 2-D symbol systems and other variations.

  • Will it support Remote Desktop Client?

    Windows CE 5.0 Core does not support Remote Desktop connection. It will support thin clients, such as Naurtech and PowerNet.

  • What is EPC?

    The concept of EPC was originally proposed by the Auto-ID Laboratory (it became EPCglobal after transformation from an R&D organization into a standards promotion organization). EPC is the abbreviation of Electronic Product Code. It can be the standard code of any object and is suitable for use on RFID labels. Combined with the internet and information technology this system connects objects to computers as a network to promote mutual communication. 

    EPC technology starts with the storing of the EPC code in the label. As the object moves, the code reader on the transportation path emits radio waves and senses the label on the object. The back-end system then starts the data inquiry, storage and retrieval. The entire operation relies on the complete integration of the system. The transmitted information about the object includes not only basic data such as the appearance, weight, material and package, but also information such as manufacture, upstream raw material and even the distribution of the final products and a description of the activity path and production process. 

    EPCglobal Network uses technologies such as EPC code, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the information network to establish a global standard RFID infrastructure for the automation, tracking and tracing of supply chains and improving the visible information for object exchange with improved efficiency and information accuracy. Also, the application of the EPCglobal Network technology allows trade partners to accelerate the handling process of purchase orders, provide rapid response to customer's requirements as well as improve efficiency during the receipt, calculation, categorization and transportation of objects.

  • How do I communicate with my Computer?

    You will need to use a program called “Active Sync” available free from Microsoft. 

    a. Install The latest version of Active Sync onto your PC available at: 
    b. Unplug Com Cable from Device then reconnect, Active Sync should automatically connect to your computer 
    c. If you cannot connect to ActiveSycn automatically- while you’re connected, on the device under Window’srepllog.exe will force a connection to PC.

  • How can I read the dust-proof and water-proof specifications?

    AI Touch Computers

    The IP code (International Protection Code) for the water-proof and dust-proof construction of electronic equipment is decided by the international organization EIEMA. The standard EN60529 specifies the unified global requirements for the water-proof and dust-proof function of products. 

    Due to the different design targets and application environments, there are different protection classes, for example: In "IP54", the first number defines the dust-proof level (0-8); level 5 in this example. The second number defines the water-proof level (0-6); level 4 in this example. 

    The first code represents the dust-proof level 

    (a) 0: No protection. 
    (b) 1: Excludes objects larger than 50mm. 
    (c) 2: Excludes objects larger than 12.5mm. 
    (d) 3: Excludes objects larger than 2.5mm. 
    (e) 4: Excludes objects larger than 1mm. 
    (f) 5: Dust cannot enter. 
    (g) 6: Completely sealed. 

    The second code represents the water-proof level 
    (a) 0: No protection. 
    (b) 1: Water drops from the front are tolerated. 
    (c) 2: Water drops within ±15 degrees from the front are tolerated. 
    (d) 3: Water drops within ±60 degrees from the front are tolerated. 
    (e) 4: Water splashes from each side are tolerated. 
    (f) 5: Low-pressure water splashes from each side are tolerable. 
    (g) 6: High-pressure water splashes from each side are tolerated. 
    (h) 7: Immersion 15cm-1m under water is tolerated. 
    (i) 8: Immersion in pressurized water is tolerated.

  • What is "compliance labeling"?

    AI Touch Computers

    Many companies will ask their suppliers and other partners to add barcodes or RFID labels so as to categorize the received materials and manage stock to facilitate the operation of automatic systems. The labeling that complies with these requirements is called "compliance labeling" because the transportation company needs it to comply with the regulations or meet the requirements. The design, contents, barcode system, printing quality of the compliance labeling should follow a strict format.

  • How do barcode scanners recognize and read symbols?

    2D Imager Scanners

    The barcode scanner has an automatic decoding and recognition capability. This allows the barcode reader to map the bars and spacing into the correct characters and avoid read errors. The accuracy of the recognition is very high with an error rate of only one in more than 3 million characters.

  • How can I connect the barcode printer to a PC?

    2D Imager Scanners

    The barcode printer is equipped with many user interfaces for quick integration with the various host computer systems. Ethernet, USB, parallel, serial, Twinax, and coaxial cable interfaces are all supported. The barcode printers also provide 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless connection capability. The management tool allows the user to perform operations such as remote control, configuration setting, and also to troubleshoot the connected printer.

  • Can a barcode scanner read more than one type of symbol system?

    2D Imager Scanners

    Yes. The barcode readers usually support many commonly used systems. Typically, more barcode scanners can recognize 1-D barcodes than 2-D ones. However, some of them can support several commonly used 2-D formats. Barcode scanners models from different manufactures support a variety of Barcode systems.

  • How to skip setup wizard after factory reset?

    AI Touch Computers

    Insert an SD card with a file "nowelcome.txt" inside.

  • How to skip setup wizard after factory reset?

    AI Touch Computers

    Insert an SD card with a file "nowelcome.txt" inside.

  • Can MS842P decode the inverse barcode on the red background.

    Wireless Scanners

    No,MS842P can't decode the inverse barcode on the red background.

  • Is there how to know MAC address of MS840B cradle(5500-900007G) without disassemble case?

    Laser / CCD Scanners

    1.  Power on all cradles
    2.  Using MS842 to scan one of the labels to pairing
    3,  Page MS842 from cradles one by one
    4.  One of the cradles should make MS842 beeping and you have found its
    MAC address.

  • Can TB120 pair with MS650?

    Wearable Scanners

    TB120 can't pair wiht MS650, we sugest with TB128.

  • How do I know the status of unitech MDM software compatibility?

    AI Touch Computers

    Here's the google sheet that document the latest update.

  • My PA692 can't connect to remote server through remote desktop.

    Please Set Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    "SecurityLayer"=dword:00000002 to 

  • Can MS650 read 4 digits of code 128?

    Wearable Scanners

    Yes,Please follow below steps in user manual:
    1.      Chapter 3.16 – Code128 – Min Length
    2.      FULL ASCII Table ( CODE 39 ) Numbers – 0
    3.      FULL ASCII Table ( CODE 39 ) Numbers – 4
    4.      Chapter 3.16 – Code128 – Min Length

  • Sewoo printer printed blank string occasionally with PA720.

    Please replace sewoo application libray to cease improper printer power control.

  • How to change the color of Ambient light?

    2D Imager Scanners

    No such function to change color.

  • How do I perform system update on PA730?

    AI Touch Computers

    Launch "Update Center" in Apps.

  • How do I trigger the barcode scanning by gun grip on EA602?

    AI Touch Computers

    Go to settings->Docking Station->Scan Handle.

  • How do I disable SD-card on PA692?

    Find the HWI and modify to the following:+SDSlot=NONE.

  • How do I know the status of unitech MDM software compatibility?

    Rugged Smartphones

    Here's the google sheet that document the latest update.