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2019-07-04 Product News

unitech Launches the durable, multipurpose RFID reading - RP100


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Looking for a durable solution for quick scanning and tagging inventory? The UnitechRP100 is a great new add-on for EA500/502.

Empowering EA500/502 for RFID/UHF application
Much inventory and stock these days is being tagged with RFID. This identification uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags. This makes checking stock a lot easier instead of counting piece by piece or box by box. The RP100 comes with a holder which is specifically designed for EA500/502. You only need to slide the EA500/502 in the holder and close it. Your EA500/502 is then ready for both barcode and RFID/UHF reading. Isn’t it so easy?

Warehousing/In-store inventorying at its best
RFID is becoming a widely used technique for fast and efficient warehousing and in-store inventorying. Our RP100 is designed to meet these needs. Picking large orders and checking large inventory from near to far is an easy effort thanks to the RP100 integration with our EA500/502 devices. The gun grip makes for easy and portable use and the wide range in RFID frequencies make this a widely applicable device.

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