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2019-07-01 Product News

unitech SG690 Smart IoT Gateway


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Featuring DALI lighting control for its superior performance, SG690 IoT gateway creates a comfortable lighting environment both for home and workplace. Each DALI bus segment enables up to 64 electronic ballasts in 16 groups to be switched and dimmed and it is availableto control 16 lighting scenes. For each individual ballast group, you can choose individual application modes between continuous operation, rest mode and night mode. In addition, it is allowed to create a new group and giving new names through friendly setting. RS-485 buses support traditional Modbus-enabled devices and expend DALI bus up to 7 segments. It is equipped with Dual LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee modules for standard communication which gives user the flexibility and expandability to connect with most of current available devices on the market, which includes lighting, curtain, alarm sensor, intruder sensor, motion detectors and home applications. It serves both commercial and residential demands on security, sensor, remote control, instant notification and easy setup via mobility.


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