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2024-01-03 Product News

MS822B Product Introduction


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MS822B|Wireless 2D Imager Scanner

In the ever-changing landscape of the retail industry, the Unitech MS822B stands out with its multifaceted connectivity options. It combines 2.4G wireless with a cradle receiver, Bluetooth, and USB Type C, all in a single device. This versatility enables effective scanning across various environments. Designed to be robust, it can endure the daily rigors of retail settings. Moreover, its seamless pairing capability renders it adaptable for a range of retail locations, from boutique shops to expansive supermarkets.


✔️ Streamlined Connectivity with Integrated 2.4G cradle receiver: Enables quick pairing and efficient barcode scanning with POS systems, ensuring swift checkout processes and reduced wait times.

✔️ Extended 100m Wireless Transmission Range: Enables staff to efficiently perform mobile scanning and manage inventory, even in large retail spaces. It ensures continuous connectivity, facilitating various retail activities from aisle assistance to inventory updates, enhancing overall retail operation efficiency.

✔️ Exceptional Battery Endurance: It offers an impressive 40 hours of operational time, ensuring it keeps pace during the busiest sales rushes. This longevity is crucial for ongoing inventory management and maintaining steady, uninterrupted service in retail operations.


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