2022-11-07 Product News

PA768 Video




Need a productivity tool to optimize work efficiency?
Unitech introduced its first WLAN6E premier mobile computer, PA768, which aims to boost the operation experience with a long-lasting QCM6490 processor and 5G speedy wireless communication.
It offers high performance of barcode reading even from a short or long read range up to 10 meters and optimizes work efficiency as well as IP67 durability for various professions in field service, transportation, and logistics applications.
✔ WLAN 6E & 5G Technology
✔ 10m Barcode Reading Distance
✔ Long-lasting QCM6490 Processor supports SW&HW extended life through 2028
✔ True Hot Swappable 5100mAh Battery
✔ Supports ARCore technology



Learn more about PA768 → https://www.ute.com/en/products/detail/PA768

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