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2023-07-24 Product News

Introducing RG768 UHF RFID Gun Grip


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The ultimate solution for your barcode and RFID needs!

It is the unitech PA768 + RG768 UHF RFID gun grip


The RG768 comes with an easy-to-operate and sled design, making it a breeze to use. Simply attach the PA768 to the RG768 sled, and you're all set for seamless RFID/UHF reading solutions!


✔ Easy to operate with a sled enclosure

✔ Premier RFID Tags reading with 15 meters

✔ Find and count goods effortlessly

✔ Warehousing & Field service Inventorying at its best


Don't miss out on the chance to optimize your inventory management.

Get your hands on the #RG768 UHF RFID gun grip today!


Learn more about RG768 UHF RFID Gungrip   https://youtu.be/F6uozkUXxbw

Know more about PA768 Rugged Touch Computer → https://youtu.be/M7xXV-Vaqe4