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2023-12-18 Product News

SL220 Installation Guide


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Simple step-by-step guide for installing & removing the SL220!

Dive into the effortless installation and removal with our SL220 guide! Enhance your experience with the #SL220, an iOS Sled Scanner that seamlessly integrates your iPhone/iPad into the workplace. Here's how to ensure a smooth setup:

1. For iOS devices without a case:

✔ Align the iOS device and securely slide it into the slot on the SL220.

2. For iOS devices with an Otterbox uniVERSE series case:

✔ Remove the sled cover and Otterbox slotted rail.

✔ Align and slide the iOS device into the SL220.



✔ Use your palms to push both sides of the iOS device upwards from the bottom.

✔ Simultaneously press down on the SL220 with your fingers.

Follow these steps for a one-time setup that transforms the SL220's functionality and ease of use. Enjoy a smooth installation and removal process, and discover the best partner for retail solutions!


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