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2024-01-10 Product News

SL220 X Tap Pay Introduciton


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Ready to transform your iPhone into a powerful POS system with the SL220 Sled Scanner and TapPay App?

Experience the future of retail solutions with Unitech SL220, a barcode reader specially designed for iOS. This device flawlessly integrates with your iPhone, transforming it into a high-end barcode scanning tool. With the simple addition of the TapPay App, your iPhone evolves into a convenient mobile POS terminal!


This innovative tool transcends traditional boundaries, merging sales and scanning processes into one fluid operation. By transforming an iPhone into a dual-purpose device, the SL220 not only offers barcode scanning capabilities but also converts it into a fully functional POS system. This advancement not only streamlines the sales process but also significantly enhances customer service, positioning Unitech at the forefront of payment technology innovation.


The Benefits of SL220 solutions Include:
✔ Streamlined Business Operations: Effortlessly manage sales and scanning using a single device, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency,

✔ Simplified Hardware: Convert your iPhone into a comprehensive, full-featured point-of-sale device and accept multiple contactless payments, eliminating the need for additional equipment.

✔ Uninterrupted Performance: Enjoy continuous operation with SL220's advanced battery functions.


Ready to embrace a smarter, more convenient way of doing business? SL220, opening a new chapter in smart payment solutions!

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