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2023-10-16 Product News

Unitech's Mobile Computers Support the Softpay softPOS app


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We are thrilled to integrate Softpay with Unitech mobile computers, enhancing the customer experience! The following is an excerpt from the original LinkedIn post:

Transforming the unitech Mobile Computer: From Outstanding to Exceptional! 

Matas, Denmark's biggest beauty, personal care, and health retailer, has revolutionized its in-store activities with the cutting-edge unitech 5G mobile computer PA768.

But that's not where the magic ends. Matas collaborates with Softpay, a SoftPOS solution, to take the customer experience to the next level, transforming the device into something extraordinary.

Introducing the Unitech PA768 with Softpay SoftPOS Integration! 

✔️ Unique Mobile Point-Of-Sale Solution

✔️ Speedy Wireless Payment Processing

✔️ Secure Transactions

✔️ Seamless Customer Experience

Visit the Unitech website to learn more about the PA768 mobile computer and the Softpay integration (Link in the first comment).

Contact us if you would like to transform your Android device into a payment terminal and unlock the potential of tap-to-phone opportunities.