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2023-08-21 Product News

TagAccess Update for Windows & Android


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We're thrilled to introduce the latest update for our TagAccess software on Windows and Android platform– your go-to companion application for Unitech RFID Readers!


TagAccess is a powerful tool that lets you configure RFID readers, manage access to RFID tags, and perform a range of functions like inventory management, reading, writing, locking, killing, and even finding tags. It's also equipped with data wedge and data editing capabilities, seamlessly integrating your scanned data into your work apps.


What's fresh in the new version?

1. Auto Screen Off Setting

With RFID readers that come with a display, you can now set the display turn off timer for saving even more battery life on your device. Letting you work longer and collect more data.

2. Support Australia Band

For selected hardware SKUs to smooth operations and improve compatibility with Unitech RFID readers.

3. Enhance Indicator Feedback

Incorporate visual and haptic feedback options for RFID readers, customizing your experience with options to display tag info and/or beep or vibrate upon reading.


Update your TagAccess now and experience these fantastic enhancements firsthand!

Check out how to set up TagAccess within four simple steps → https://www.ute.com/en/products/detail/TagAccess