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2024-01-05 Product News

Unitech's EA660 is now verified to work with VMware Workspace ONE!


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Unitech's EA660 has successfully completed VMware Workspace ONE verification, following in the footsteps of PA768!


After undergoing meticulous testing and validation processes, our robust RuggedSmartphone - EA660 is now officially recognized for seamless compatibility with VMware Workspace ONE. This integration enhances the overall enterprise mobility experience.


VMware Workspace ONE – What sets it apart?

VMware Workspace ONE stands out as a cutting-edge digital workspace platform that streamlines and fortifies application management across diverse devices and locations. Offering user-friendly application management and robust security features, it caters to the demands of contemporary, mobile-driven work environments.

Key features:

✔️ Attain comprehensive visibility across all endpoints

✔️  Streamlined device and application deployment and management

✔️ Bolster security for any app, any device, anywhere with centralized control

✔️ Reliable support and technical services for uninterrupted operations


Immerse yourself in the synergy of Unitech EA660 and VMware Workspace ONE.

Elevate your enterprise mobility to new heights today!


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