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2024-03-27 Case Study

Revolutionizing Fleet Management with Unitech Enterprise Tablets


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Revolutionize your fleet management with Unitech Mobile Computers! Dive into a world where logistics and operational efficiency are dramatically improved through our case study!


A leading systems integrator faced challenges in controlling fleet itineraries. By adopting Unitech's #RT112 Mobile Computer, they can now enable real-time tracking and data analysis for dynamic route optimization and efficient fleet management. This solution significantly boosts logistics and cuts operational costs through its integration of 5G for fast, reliable data transfer. The devices are lightweight yet durable, with 1.5M drop resistance, and have an extended lifecycle, emphasizing cost efficiency and operational effectiveness.


Enhance your fleet management with Unitech Mobile Computers and experience these benefits:

✔️ Swift data transfers via 5G: Track shipments in real-time and optimize routes for quick decisions.

✔️ Durability with 1.5M drop resistance: Ensure devices withstand daily use, minimizing downtime.

✔️ Extended device lifecycle: Save costs by reducing the need for replacements.


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