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2024-02-26 Case Study

Enhancing Logistics Efficiency: A Technological Upgrade in A Global Company


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Struggling with inefficient delivery tracking? Faced with compatibility issues between your scanning devices and iOS devices? Looking for a user-friendly solution with excellent scanning performance for your logistics needs?

Discover how a global company overcame these challenges with the Unitech #SL220 iOS Sled Scanner!


In this case, Unitech SL220 iOS Sled Scanner solved the challenges of recording, tracking inventory, and calculating travel expenses during the delivery of goods. This device, used by their truck drivers, seamlessly integrates with iPhones, turning them into effective barcode scanners for tracking shipments and calculating expenses. More than just hardware, Unitech provided software decoding support, perfectly matching the company's needs and enhancing the entire delivery workflow.


The Key benefits of Unitech SL220 include:

✔️ MFi Certification: Delivers flawless integration and operation with iOS devices, complying with Apple's stringent compatibility standards.

✔️ Extended Power Management: Employs a hot-swap battery design for uninterrupted use, ensuring logistics operations never pause for power.

✔️ Simplified Hardware Integration: Transforms iOS devices into comprehensive POS solutions, facilitating contactless transactions without extra hardware.

✔️ Companion Software Support: Comes equipped with ScanBridge, enhancing setup and data capture efficiency, thereby streamlining business processes.



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