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2022-12-13 Knowledge Center

What is MFi?


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What is MFi?

The MFi Program includes third-party hardware accessories that use Apple's MFi-licensed technology to connect electronically to Apple devices. Manufacturers had to run products through Apple compliance and safety tests to gain MFi certification.

Why Choose Products with MFi Certification?
The MFi certification guarantees product safety and specification under normal usage, and avoids malfunctions including data transfer failure, low data transferring or charging speed, communication interruption, swollen battery, and even battery explosion. The certified products include the following advantages: Superior compatibility with Apple devices, reliable quality and fast but safe two-way communication.

Superior Compatibility with Apple Devices
MFi-certified readers are required to have a built-in system that includes chips certified by Apple and a metal cover which helps to reinforce the inner structure.


Reliable Quality
The strict conditions to pass MFi certification and the spot check done by Apple ensure the products' quality.


Safe & High-speed Two-way Communication
Reader with MFi certification means it follows iAP2 protocol, which allows the reader to efficiently transmit data and perform two-way communication with iOS devices. Other than uploading data to iOS devices, users can also change the settings of the reader from their iOS devices, which is a more convenient alternative to non-MFi products.



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