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What is the Showcase App?


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What is the Showcase APP?

The Showcase app helps you to get familiar with the hardware and software features on your Unitech devices. Unitech offers a number of software tools that immensely improves the productivity of deployment, management and data collection. The Showcase app gives you the ability to read about the key features of those software tools, watch the introductory videos, and by using the Demo function where you will be able to get hands-on experience with the app, helping you to get familiar with the software applications.





What are so special about the Showcase hands-on demos?
The hands on demos in the Showcase app give you the ability to play around with the key features of an app. Here are a few of them that shows you how they can get you acquainted with the app features. 




MoboLink is a Google-certified Enterprise Mobility Management (may also be referred to as MDM) solution from Unitech. The MoboLink demos give you the ability to apply a free 7-day demo account directly from the Showcase app, enroll your device into the demo MoboLink server, and then you can remote monitor and manage your devices using the provided web-based management console. You will be able to deploy apps, backup file, run a StageGO script, and see device status.




StageGO uses barcodes to let you configure your devices. You can use the web-based configuration script editor to prepare your configurations, and then by scanning the staging barcodes generated from the script, all the configurations are set up very quickly. 

The StageGO demos gives you the ability to see how quickly it is to configure the device using StageGO scripts, and you can also play around with the web configuration script editor yourself helping you to get familiar with the StageGO software.




The USS app manages the onboard scan engines in your Android devices, helping you to collect barcode data quicker and easier. 

The USS demos gives you the ability to see how easy it is to collect barcode data into your applications, and with the Continuous Scan demo, you can experience how quickly it is to collect barcodes in the real world.



Please note that Showcase is supported on selected Unitech device models.



Unitech Offerings
The Showcase app can be obtained via the Software Update app inside your devices. Open the Software Update app, check for updates, and install the Showcase app when it is listed on the update list.



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