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2023-11-17 Knowledge Center

Revolutionize Your Payment Experience: Tap to Pay on iPhone Enhanced by Unitech SL220!


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In the dynamic landscape of digital transactions, the convergence of innovative payment technologies is reshaping the way we engage in commerce. Enter Apple, a pioneer in cutting-edge technologies, introducing the game-changing "Tap to Pay on iPhone" – a revolutionary payment method poised to redefine transaction experiences. Let's delve into the synergy of Tap to Pay and Unitech SL220 sled scanner, spotlighting how this fusion creates an unparalleled payment ecosystem.

What is Tap to Pay on iPhone?

Tap to Pay on iPhone utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) to facilitate seamless transactions. By simply tapping a card or smartphone, NFC enables swift and contactless payments, revolutionizing speed and convenience for users and businesses alike. When harmonized with Unitech SL220 sled scanner, this union effectively addresses key challenges in barcode scanning:


1. On-the-Go Transactions

Empower your business to conduct sales anywhere, marking a transformative change for mobile enterprises.

2. Speed and Security Combined

Experience faster, contactless payments that are now more secure than ever, offering peace of mind for both businesses and customers.


Why is Tap to Pay on iPhone Essential?

Not all businesses, such as pop-up shops, street vendors, logistics providers, and small to medium-sized enterprises, are well-suited for traditional POS or mPOS systems. They often face constraints related to their operational settings, transaction volumes, and the customer experience. “Tap to Pay on iPhone” offers a hardware-independent and adaptable solution that streamlines payments, eliminates checkout queues, and ensures secure, convenient transactions with a simple tap. It's a transformative and customer-centric payment method designed to meet the unique needs of businesses, enhancing their operations and the overall customer experience.

The Benefits of Tap to Pay on iPhone with Unitech SL220 sled scanner:

Embrace a new era of secure and streamlined payments by combining the powerful capabilities of Tap to Pay on iPhone and the additional value brought by Unitech SL220.


1. Enhanced Security

Tap to Pay on iPhone leverages Apple's top-tier security technology, ensuring that customers' payment data is protected. Transactions made through this method are encrypted and processed using the Secure Element. Importantly, Apple upholds its commitment to user privacy, ensuring that they have no knowledge of the items purchased or the identities of the purchasers.

2. Seamless Pay and Zero Hassle

Simplify your operations effortlessly with Tap to Pay on iPhone, removing the need for additional hardware. Unitech SL220 enhances this simplicity, seamlessly converting your iPhone into a unified payment and scanning solution. This integrated approach minimizes hardware complications, enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your setup.

3. Unrestricted Mobility

Tap to Pay on iPhone empowers businesses to accept contactless payments anywhere, from pop-up markets to house calls. Unitech SL220 amplifies this mobility, providing a reliable scanning solution adaptable to various business environments. Experience the flexibility to conduct transactions seamlessly, irrespective of your location.

4. User-Friendly Interface

Tap to Pay on iPhone's simplicity extends to a user-friendly experience. Unitech SL220 enhances this by ensuring new staff can swiftly adapt to taking payments on an iPhone. Its intuitive design facilitates smooth onboarding, contributing to a positive and efficient work environment.

5. Seamless Business Operations

Unitech SL220 takes business operations to the next level by allowing the management of sales and scanning with a single device. This seamless integration enhances customer service and operational efficiency, providing an all-in-one solution for your business needs.

6. Continuous Operation

Experience uninterrupted service with the SL220's hot-swap battery function. Fast-charging capabilities ensure both your iOS device and the SL220 stay charged simultaneously, maintaining operational continuity without downtime.



Incorporating Unitech SL220 sled scanner seamlessly enhances the advantages of Tap to Pay on iPhone. Together, they form a cohesive and efficient payment solution, providing businesses with not only the speed and security of Tap to Pay but also the added convenience and adaptability brought by the SL220. Experience a refined payment ecosystem that combines innovation with simplicity.


Enjoy Tap to Pay with Unitech Product!



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