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2023-05-11 Knowledge Center

Build your ultimate secured productivity machines with ELauncher


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What is ELauncher? 

ELauncher is an enterprise-grade Android development tool that makes unitech devices secure and productive. With ELauncher, IT admins have total control over what apps and features are displayed on the device screen. Placing restrictions on the access to apps, notifications, system settings, recent apps, and the safe mode, will allow device users to focus more on getting their jobs done. Additionally, ELauncher provides a sense of security and peace of mind for IT admins, knowing that they have complete control over device security and functionality.

The Key Features of ELauncher include:

With ELauncher, you can diagnose and resolve issues on your Android devices with confidence.


1. Give IT admins total control over device home screens

IT admins can authorize access to only selected apps on the devices, giving them total control over device functionality. Additionally, ELauncher allows IT admins to create dedicated-use kiosk machines by selecting only one app, which can be useful in various industries such as retail and hospitality.


2. Tailor-made functions to prevent any unauthorized use

ELauncher offers tailor-made Pulldown Notifications, Quick Settings, Lock Screen and Volume Slider GUI. These features are designed to eliminate the possibility of users gaining access to unauthorized apps or changing critical system settings and functions, ensuring the device is used only for its intended purpose and helps prevent any unauthorized use.


3. Granular control over accesses and restrictions

Block out the access to the Settings app, the Recent key, Safe Mode, and the ability to granularly configure how apps are whitelisted or blacklisted. This feature provides IT admins with the ability to fine-tune the access and restrictions to apps, notifications, settings, system functions, and the lock screen.

4. Fine-tune the look and feel of your home screens

ELauncher allows IT admins to tweak the look and feel of the home screen, including icon placements, wallpapers, and fonts, providing the ability to create a customized experience that meets the unique needs of their organization.


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