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2024-01-15 Events

Discover Booth No. 6639 at 2024 NRF Show!


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Step into the Future at Unitech's Booth (Level 3, Booth 6639) at NRF2024!


Explore Our Cutting-Edge Solutions:

Our lineup: PA768, EA660, SL220, and RT112, integrated with leading software partners, offers unparalleled efficiency and innovation.


Precise Fish Counting: AI-driven accuracy for the aquaculture sector.

Pill Counting Management Revolutionized with #pilleye: A new era in pharmaceuticals management.

Mobility POS Solutions with #softpay #tappay: Transforming payment processes in retail.

Barcode and RFID Solutions with #kalipso: Elevating productivity in inventory management.

Wearable Solutions #cubetape: Mobile dimensioning for retail logistics.


These AI and tech innovations are designed to make retail more efficient, reduce workloads, and ease operational pressures. We're excited to demonstrate how we're shaping the future of retail technology with these groundbreaking solutions!


Unitech Booth: Level 3, Booth 6639

Date: January 14-16, 2024


Check out Unitech’s products for more details: https://www.ute.com/en/products/category