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Maintenance Management

Optimize Maintenance Process with Cutting-Edge RFID Solution


Companies often face challenges in maintenance management, dealing with large workspaces, complex components, and disorderly processes. To comprehensively tackle these issues, we believe a holistic solution is significant. Our comprehensive RFID solution includes RFID Readers, strategically positioned RFID antennas, and RFID tags attached to items, all of which are further enhanced by advanced RFID utilities. This solution simplifies the maintenance process by offering real-time tracking in large spaces and for intricate components. Additionally, with a complete RFID product offerings and extensive expertise in professional installation techniques, the system is equipped to meet specific needs, providing a streamlined and efficient maintenance management experience.

Why Unitech Products for Maintenance Management


Save Time

Quick item tracking processes enhance the overall work efficiency.



The employee can track item with mobility.


Reduce Errors

RFID technology reduces human errors with automatically system.

Practical Application on Unitech Products





RS804 RFID Reader + RFID Utility


A leading aircraft landing gear maintenance service provider in the Asia Pacific region faced the challenge of tracking intricate maintenance procedures. To solve this problem, Unitech offered an RFID-based maintenance management solution, including the installation of RS804 readers, antennas, RFID tags, and equipped the RFID Utility, a software designed with RS804, to track and monitor maintenance items across various workstations, reduce manual logging, and enhance operational efficiency through seamless location tracking.





RFID Knowledge


Embedded SDK






Successful Applications

Revolutionizing Aircraft Landing Gear Maintenance with Advanced RFID Solution

Unitech offers a diverse range of RFID products and professional installation services. Whether you require fixed RFID readers, handheld RFID readers, or RFID tags, our extensive experience and expertise make us your most reliable partner. The RS804 features real-time tracking and recording of items, providing a comprehensive SDK to efficiently fulfill customer development needs, and helping streamline procedures.


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