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Mobile POS and Ordering

Ensure Quick Service and Limit Human Errors

While working in the retail industry you don't want to be withheld from expanding your business both indoors as well as outside the four walls. Modern technologies will help you to reach your goals. Unitech products can successfully be used as a mobile POS system. Waiters can take orders on the spot to ensure quick service and limit human errors.

Imagine the scene, you've just settled into your seat at the movie theater with your popcorn and candy but realized you've forgotten to order a drink! The opening scene is blasting across the screen and you don't want to miss a moment. What to do? Order from a cold beverage from your seat using your smartphone. Download the appropriate app and a friendly staff member can deliver your concessions and charge your card using a mobile computer.

Unitech's line of mobile computers is ready to scan, collect information, and pay at the touch of a button. Most models are no bigger than a smartphone and fit easily in back pockets. They are ruggedized so they're protected from falls, moisture, and dirt. 

Why Unitech products for Mobile POS and Ordering



Wireless and lightweight design, waiters can take orders on the spot


Improve Customer Satisfaction

A quick order taking service enhances the overall customer experience.


Reduce Errors

Mobile computer reduces human errors with automatically system.

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