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Ticket Management

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Whether servicing a busy hotel in the heart of the city, taking orders at a corner café, or scanning tickets at a weekend concert, our line of AIDC devices are made to perform, built to last, and affordably priced.


Since the advent of mobile ticketing, archaic methods of needing a printer and ink to print a concert ticket have become a thing of the past. Everyone has a smartphone these days so its easier than ever to confirm your ticket to an event. 

An attendant scans the QR code (also known as 2D barcode) or linear barcode on your phone using a barcode scanner or rugged mobile computer with an integrated scanner to grant you entry. Scanning codes on phone screens also reduces waste and saves you time rifling through pockets or bags looking for a piece of paper. 

Mobile ticketing, or eTicketing, is a useful tool for concerts, live theatre, movie theaters, museums, seminars, special events, and conferences. Unitech offers a diverse line-up of efficient and affordably-priced barcode 

Why Unitech products for Ticket Management


Reduce Errors

Mobile computers provide an accurate and quick access control process 


Improve Customer Satisfaction

A quick transaction enhances the overall customer experience.


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning solution is ready to scan any barcodes quickly with ease.

Practical Application on Unitech Products




Mobile Computer Solution


Our clients include event organizers from various fields, to name a few, there are sport event, concert and theatre organizers, and they are facing upcoming grand events. The number of attendees is predictably tremendous based on previous experiences. To process the high volumes of attendees, they need a platform to detect barcodes on tickets in a digital way to make entry process more smoothly.

After utilizing the Unitech mobile ticketing solution, these event organizers decide to upgrade their ticketing system, transforming traditional paper tickets into tickets with barcode and built-in RFID tags. By setting up a sensor gate and digitalizing attendees’ tickets, validation can be done in a glimpse through scanning, thus improving customer experience.






High Mobility
Portable Design

Drop Protection 

Wireless Connectivity 





Successful Applications

Ticket Mangement with Unitech Mobile Computers

Unitech mobile ticketing solution has become the force of productivity and efficiency due to its versatile barcode performance. Not only does it speeds up the check-in process, but also helps to prevent ticket fraud, making it much easier to track the attendee list.


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