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Process Tracking

Keep Manufacturing Processes Moving As Fast As Your Business.

  • Mobile computers and barcode scanning devices can be used as a great tool in manufacturing solutions. With a single scan, it can record the items that are picked in the warehouse. The barcode scanner solution reduces manual errors from the automatic system. Users also can use an intelligent system in materials tracking and production tracking. It helps the manufacturing manager to know the overall status in a warehouse such as the materials are moved from A work station to B work station or the production status of orders instantly.

    Unitech’s array of rugged smartphones, tablets, companion scanners, and RFID products can clock in a full day’s work at precision speed.

Why Unitech products for Processes Tracking


Save Time

Quick tracking processes enhance the overall work efficiency.



The employee can track asset with mobility 


Reduce Errors

Mobile computer reduces human errors with automatically system.


Practical Application on Unitech Products





ESD  Scanner Solution


Unitech introduces ESD-safe solutions to our customers. With the Internal mixed way, the body of the ESD scanners and its cable can withstand ESD up to 105 ~109 ohms per square and no containing Chlorine material. The real-time data collection via the backend system creates seamless visibility for operation status-tracking information. It is a reliable tool to improve traffic flow and overall operational efficiency.




Withstand ESD

105 ~109 ohms

Not Contain 



Wired & Wireless Scanners





Successful Applications

ESD Scanning Solutions

In recent years, owing to the reduction of human resources, increase in operating expense, and rising of other related issues, reducing personnel costs and minimizing operating time has become the future trend of enterprises’ development. Working in a high static environment can cause invisible damage to the machines. How to ensure overall safety equipment and improve operational efficiency are two main purposes of the project.


Scoring and Tallying Lumber

The hardwood goods supplier needed an easier way to score and tally the lumber as their current system was time-consuming and rife with inaccuracies. The tally package includes the Unitech PA692, a versatile data collection tool that runs on the popular Windows CE 6.5 OS and weighs in at 13.76 ounces, making it light enough to carry around in warehouses, factories, and stores.


Order Picking & Warehousing

The auto crafts giant was looking to upgrade their mobile computers which they used for order picking in the warehouse. Their old devices were text-based systems and were no longer in production.Using Quest Solution, an inventory management solution provider, Yamaha tested a few devices including Unitech and Motorola. Yamaha was pleased with the performance of the Unitech HT680 mobile computer and features like the full color screen and top tier scan engine.


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