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Help everyone get to his or her destination quickly and safely and finish projects faster than ever to stay on task and on budget.

Rugged and mission-ready Unitech mobility products are prepared to automate maintenance procedures, parking management, flag projects for consumption, mobile POS on a high-speed train and monitor the condition of tools.

At a glance, workers can view maintenance histories, repair instructions, and more on the beautiful Gorilla Glass damage-resistant touchscreens, ensuring that all necessary information is in the worker’s hands. 

Easily track and check out tools and monitor the location and duration of maintenance work for greater reliability and safety.

Applications: Parking Management, Mobile POS, Tool Crib, Work in Process, Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management, Records Management, Time and Attendance, Rider Surveys

Why Unitech products for Transportation


Easy Tracking

Easily track and check out tools and monitor the location and duration of maintenance work for greater reliability and safety.



Rugged computers and tablets deliver rugged protections such as Gorilla Glass damage-resistant touchscreens, drop protection, and water protection.


High Efficiency 

The mobile devices are excellent tools to significantly improve job efficiency

Practical Application on Unitech Products




PA768  Mobile Computer


A government agency specializing in parking management faced challenges with manual ticketing, leading to errors and disputes. Their early system, dependent on handwritten documentation, was inefficient and costly. To modernize and improve efficiency, the agency implemented Unitech's advanced mobile computers and printing solutions. This technological upgrade transformed their operations, enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in urban parking management, thereby significantly improving the convenience and fluidity of urban transportation.



5G & Wi-Fi 6E 
Enhanced Efficiency

1D & 2D
Superior Barcode Engine

IP65 & IP68
Durable Design 





Successful Applications

Increased accuracy and efficiency in parking management with Unitech Mobile Computer

Unitech's mobile computer dramatically improves accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in parking management. The PA768 is suitable for urban parking management. It features efficient 1D/2D barcode scanners, Android 12 OS for flexibility, long battery life, and diverse connectivity options like 5G and Wi-Fi 6E. The device also offers robust IP65 & IP68 protection and 1.8m drop resistance, ensuring reliability in challenging environments.


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