Inventory Management

 Improves the Traceability of Products More Efficiently  

With tons of products, warehouses face the difficulties of complex stock management processes including inventory, delivery, order taking, dispatching and tracking. Unitech handheld terminal solutions offer feature-rich specifications to streamline warehouse operations. Unitech handhelds configure seamlessly with back end systems, are ergonomically designed and easy to operate.

The unitech handheld terminal and RFID solutions eliminate most warehousing errors and improve the traceability of products more efficiently. All authorized users are able to access the database in real time on the handheld terminal. We are confident this solution is a reliable, cost-effective solution for investors.

Why Unitech products for Inventory Process Management


Improves the Traceability

All authorized users are able to access the database in real time on the handheld terminal.


Wireless Connections

Seamlessly with back end systems


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning and RFID solution are ready to scan any barcodes or tags quickly with ease.

Successful Applications

Barcode Verifier

Weyerhaeuser wanted to ensure each shipment was accurate and decided on upgrading to an enterprise mobile computer designed for warehousing. After researching online, they contacted Unitech directly to demo some of units.


Inventory Management

In 2005, Iris USA needed enterprise mobile computers to take inventory. They were having trouble pairing their devices to their specialized web-based app running on Windows CE. After testing the quality and performance of Unitech products, they chose us over competitors for our product functionality.


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