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Picking Management

Pick the Right Goods at The Right Time in Warehousing 

Collecting the right goods can be a time-consuming job. Working with deadlines creates also a higher risk of human errors during this task. A mobile device helps your warehouse employees pick the right goods at the right time. They can also use the device to receive various reports and to print necessary documents on printers on-site.

Why Unitech products for Picking Management


Reduce Errors

Mobile computers provide an accurate process to reduce errors.  


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Correct shipment enhances the overall customer experience.


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning solution is ready to capture the document detail quickly with ease.

Practical Application on Unitech Products




MS852B  Barcode Scanner


A leading e-commerce platform, with a major presence in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Brazil, grapples with the challenge of handling immense shipment volumes. To solve this problem, Unitech offered a Bluetooth 2D imager scanner, designed for mobility and durability. This innovative solution significantly improves the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment in demanding inventory management environments.





Wireless Design 
Enhanced Efficiency

Bluetooth® 4.2 
Easy Pairing 

Durable Design 





Successful Applications

Boosting speed and accuracy in picking management with Unitech barcode scanner

Unitech's barcode scanner significantly improves the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment in demanding picking management environments. The MS852B features a wireless design that pairs seamlessly with a cradle for Bluetooth data transmission. It also supports an RS232 cable, allowing for effortless integration with picking systems. This streamlines the picking process and substantially enhances operational efficiency.


Order Picking & Light Warehousing

Unitech’s US headquarters are located in Cypress, California which is just a county away from WAXIE’s main headquarters in San Diego. This was a huge plus for the supplier as service and support is just a phone call or short drive away. A Unitech sale rep issued a quote for our MS926 companion scanner and drove to their San Diego office the next day. The purchase order for the scanners was signed in the first meeting.


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