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Out of stocks and wrong pricing are the two main reasons why retails face lost business. By optimizing complex inventory management processes using Unitech mobile computers retailers limit this lost business. The devices allow retailers to manage ordering and inventory more precisely and provides more insight and better market(ing) awareness. As in many other industries, retailers need faster, smarter technology to keep up in today’s competitive environment.

Why Unitech products for Inventory Management


Stock Sync

Easily maintain an organized inventory with mobile computing solutions. 


Reduce Errors

Reduce errors and increase daily turnover.


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning solution is ready to scan any barcodes quickly with ease.

Practical Application on Unitech Products




RG630  RFID Solution


By attaching the UHF RFID gun grip on the mobile computer, users can read both barcode and RFID tags with better efficiency. The UHF RFID gun grip can read up to 750 tags per second, and supports long-range barcode reading up to 8 meters.

From reading ID numbers from passports to lot numbers on the package, mobile computer and RFID gun grip can be applied in various fields.





Barcode & RFID 
Reading Solutions

Sled Design
Easy Installation

8 Meters
Reading Range 

750 Tags/Second

Reading Rate





Successful Applications

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Sur La Table searched for an enterprise device online and found Unitech among other brands. They reached out to us directly and tested a few of our units. They liked the lightweight form factor of the HT682 mobile computer and thought it was ideal for their needs. With its 22-key keypad and running on the Windows CE 6.0 Pro platform, the ruggedly built HT682 is 6-foot drop rated and IP65 sealed to protect against dirt, dust, and water.


Convenience Store Supply Ordering

Imperial Trading contacted the software maker and reseller; Velociti, to demo some Unitech products. The grocery goods distributor was impressed by the high-performance scan engines, quality materials, and lower price point compared to others.


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