Price Management

Reducing Pricing Errors and Freeing Up Valuable Time

As a retailer, you like to make sure the pricing of your products is correct to make the most profit. Manual pricing (or repricing) is a time consuming and process and error-prone. Unitech offers the perfect tools for employees, reducing pricing errors and freeing up valuable time they can spend serving shoppers.

Why Unitech products for Price Management



Unitech mobile computers are great tools to help retails to reduce pricing errors


Enhance Customer Experience

An instant price checking service enhances the overall customer experience.


High Efficiency

Our superior scanning solution is ready to scan any barcodes quickly with ease.

Successful Applications

Inventory Control & Price Management

Spencer Gifts determined that the PA700V was the upgrade they were looking for. With a slim and ergonomic design, the PA700V offered the right form factor for the job. The smartphone look and feel is easy to hold for any hand size: large, medium, or small.


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