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Founded in 1979 in Taiwan, unitech is a global provider of AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) technologies with over 40 years experience. Unitech offers a wide range of products such as enterprise mobile computers, rugged handheld PDAs, industrial tablets, barcode scanners, RFID readers and IoT solutions. We bring value to customers in various applications in logistics, healthcare, retail, warehousing, manufacturing, government and transportation and field services.


Unitech has consistently upheld the core values in Honesty & Integrity, Collaboration, Excellence, and Profit sharing to serve its valuable partners around the world and with no reservation, Unitech will continue to provide advanced invention with thoughtful, responsive service and always create a win-win future for all participated partnership. 


Nowadays, deriving from its core competence in AIDC and IP based device expertise and expanding with an intention of being a comprehensive solution provider, Unitech has developed to serve additional markets with innovative applications on Smart Living, Energy saving, Telehealth, and Remote management bundled with integrated intelligent solutions serving both residential and enterprise sectors.

  • business-scope

    Business Scope

    With a focus on producing high-quality products at affordable prices and a strong ability to identify market trends and opportunities, Unitech has grown into a leading provider of ADC products worldwide. Unitech has built strong business units in North America, APAC, China, Europe, Japan, and Taiwan and works closely with almost 1,000 partners in over 35 countries.

  • social-responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Unitech understands that it is part of a global community, and demonstrates its commitment to social responsibility by participating in a number of charity programs all over the world. Unitech is also committed to environmental responsibility and has integrated green systems into its product design, production and service operations.




unitech Computer Founded


Entered the AIDC industry


unitech Computers spun off its ADC Group to form a separate business entity
known as unitech electronics co., Ltd


unitech electronics co., Ltd. Listed on
Taiwan Over-the-Counter market (Code: 3652)
PA600MCA and PA968 won the Taiwan Excellence Award


PA550 won iF Product Design Award


MT200 won Taiwan Excellence Award
PA550 won COMPUTEX d&I awards


unitech won Pioneer Award of IOT Industry
by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs


PA690MCA won Taiwan Excellence Award


MT800 Junior Kruger won Taiwan Excellence Award
PA700 won the Design & Innovation Award of Taiwan
MT880 won Best Choice Award of Taiwan
MT880 won ICT Month Innovative Elite Award
PA700MCA won ICT Month Innovative Elite Award


TB120 won COMPUTEX d&i Awards
MT90, PA520MCA won Taiwan Excellence Award
PA700MCA won iF Product Design Award


PA720 won Taiwan Excellence Award
HG700 won Taiwan Excellence Award
PA720 won iF Product Design Award
PA720 won COMPUTEX d&i awards


HT1 won Taiwan Excellence Award
TB128 Enterprise Tablet won the German Design Award
MS652 won ICT Month Innovative Elite Award


MS652 and PA726 won the Taiwan Excellence Award
PA760 won COMPUTEX Best Choice Award


PA760 won the Taiwan Excellence Award