2021-09-08 Product News

HT730, PA760, EA630 and WD200 are certified by Telelogos software solutions.

At Unitech, we are proud to announce that our latest Android devices HT730, PA760, EA630 and WD200 are certified by @Telelogos software solutions.

With Telelogos, manage and secure mobility solutions in warehouses and on the road. Support your employees by providing them with real-time information on screens located at the heart of the action to streamline the Supply Chain and capitalize on shared workstations to make them vectors of internal communication.



Telelogos software solutions:
• Clyd enables mass management of deployments and monitoring of mobile application solutions. The Clyd Mobile Device Management software thus provides centralized management of the mobile fleet, securing the system environment, geolocation and even the distribution of applications and their updates.

• Media4Display makes it possible to increase productivity by distributing your content within your warehouses and logistics platforms: loading, arrival and departure plans, KPIs, data from the information system, prevention and internal communication messages, etc.

• Channels allows employees to communicate essential and urgent information directly to their computer workstations without changing their work habits.


Click here for more infomation about Telelogos.